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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by LonghornCatholic, Feb 7, 2018.

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    Despite earlier reports that had already been released to the contrary, it appears Andrew Parker has chosen to stick with piggy per 247 and Seccountry...and BON.
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    Funny a couple of "articles" had been released earlier stating Parker had signed with the good guys. Think this was a tough one for him....
    Oh well, guess you can't get errrbody after all...just mosterrrbodies!
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    Bush picked Georgia, it appears.
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    Most #errrrrbody will work!!
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    ESPN has him as signed there. He's a stud but WR is one of our deeper positions so not as huge as loss as say an OL
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    Dang it Traylor won that battle
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    I will take it and say thank you
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    It is not mentioned which position Travis west plays.
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    So Vernon Jackson still unsigned?
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    Wide receiver
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    Is there much chance for Jackson to sign with the Horns?
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    aggy has used that excuse list for YEARS!!
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    Are we done now for 2018 HS kids? Just waiting to hear on Calvin Anderson early spring, anyone else?
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    Bush was interview on San Antonio tv and said 'if you want to be the best you have to play with the best."
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    Good work, LC....
    Two of the better posts today.
    ...And back-to-back at that!
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    Signing Day is kind of like after you opened your Christmas presents as a kid, a bit of a letdown. The anticipation is everything. Now nothing happens for months and months.
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    AND UT #2
    tOSU #3
    Wonder why Urban trashed TH after the Maryland game?
    He knows TH will be a force to be reckoned with!
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    They will run the table today and use every one of them, plus "UT cheats."
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    Love the haul but to what I believe should be used as the real rating system, according to Rivals100, we are ranked #12 on a per star average and Aggy is #15. I think the large numbers of course are dependent on several factors; Positive - ERRBODY wants to play here; Balanced view - we had more scholarships available than other schools.
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    Yup, ain't easy livin' if you're aggy...
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    I don’t usually agree with a lot of stuff he says at these things but this

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    I don't put much faith in the star rating system and therefore, could care less about the per star average. I've seen way too many players not live up to their star rating while low star players, like Colt excelled. The only recruiting rating system to be believed is the one four years after the recruiting process.

    That said this class passes the eyeball test, big time. Lots of big athletic guys in positions of need.
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    Coach Tom Herman --

    "I know we signed the best two defensive tackles in the state of Texas in Keondre Coburn and Moro Ojomo"
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