NY AG wishes DJT a happy birthday

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by OUBubba, Jun 14, 2018.

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    By all the evidence the press has uncovered, the Trump Foundation was a farce. Trump might be the least generous POTUS in our lifetime, relative to his wealth.
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    They didn’t have time to investigate the Clinton foundation? The one that the FBI said to shut down?
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    The truth is the opposite of your biased statement. The tax rate reductions make him one of the most generous Presidents.
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    Is he paying it? How much money is he saving on his taxes? We'll never know, huh?
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    He is probably saving a hell of a lot on his taxes since he owns 500+ companies and the corporate rates dropped materially. Exactly how much doesn't really matter unless you're a Democrat that constantly worries about what others have, and how you can steal it, instead of concentrating on improving your own position. The good news for you is that the law states that El Presidente does not have conflicts of interest, and this is a good example of why the law is in place. Can you imagine a President being unable to sign a tax reducing bill into law because he owns his own company(s) and the law would benefit him? This would have prevented millions of citizens from benefitting from the very generous, President Trump provided tax cut.
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    Once again, the education provided by boomer sooner u overwhelms the room.
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    It comes from marrying their cousins.
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    That's a step up from siblings. Gotta give them credit for progress.
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