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    AugieBall - flying in and out of LaGuardia, staying at Millenium Hilton. Public transport easy to there? We get in around midnight Friday night - I would be leery of public transport and walking, but then again I have never been there.

    Today Show was not something we are just dying to do, but is it something you can walk by and stop for a bit and then move on? If all that other stuff is also close by that could be a nice morning and afternoon - just walking around to all that. I think too, someone in a previous post mentioned the top of Rockefeller Center. If it (Today Show) is something you have to go early and stake out a spot - forget that, but if it could be just a stop in the list of things to see, then perhaps do-able.
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    Midnight from LGA you definitely want to cab it. The M60 bus is the public transport into town, and it wouldnt take you anywhere near your hotel.
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    This is pretty obvious, but make sure you go to the taxi stand outside the baggage claim and get a yellow cab. Avoid gypsy cabs at all costs.

    Also, here is a recent article about the oyster bar.The Link
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    I hear that the Met is going through some extensive renovations--migt want to look into that before going-if that's on your itinerary.
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    You can walk past the Today show and see what is going on and then move on quickly. There is plenty of stuff in that area, so if you are curious to see it you wouldn't have to go out of your way.

    When I visit NYC I always like to do three things. Eat a hot dog from a stand, get a slice of pizza, and have ethnic food that I just can't get in suburban Michigan.
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    I've always taken a car service. Works out great everytime.
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    Licensed cabs will now take you to your first stop in Manhattan from JFK (and I assume LaGuardia) for a flat rate of $45 plus any tolls. Takes away all incentive to cruise around and jack up the fare.
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    LGA is not a flat rate.
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    Gypsy cabs and why not:
    1) because you typically have to hump your luggage to their car in the parking garage or where ever it ain't at baggage claim.
    2) they charge you X and then pack the car with others that they likel also charges X, and then make multiple stops.

    Arrange for a town car or take a yellow. it's about $25 from LGA by cab, #35 by car service.

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