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    Running back Bijan Robinson was held to 69 rushing yards, ending a streak of three straight 100-yard games. According to ESPN Stats & Information research, Robinson was hit at or behind the line of scrimmage on 10 of his 21 rushes, gaining just 2 yards on those 10 carries. Overall, the Longhorns were hit at or behind the line on 42% of their rushing attempts. Texas had 11 rushes go for zero or negative yards.

    Texas turning to Thompson as new starting QB
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    Not to pretend I know more than a multi-million $$$$$ college coaching staff*, but...............

    If this had happened in a high school game, after the 1st series the coach would have gotten out the whiteboard. gotten with the O-lineman on the sideline, diagramed what they saw (with some extra help from the guy in the press box), and go over blocking responsibilities. Did we not do that???

    *don't you just love internet message boards; any one of us can be Vince Lombardi, Knute Rockne, or Mark Mangino
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    Pre-game, the announcers kept bringing up that Jefferson was a terrible passer but a good runner. They even showed highlights of his passing ineptitude. Guy comes out and hits 34 on-the-money's in a row. (Okay, he went 14/19, but still...)
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    Sometimes, on our bad days, we have a way of making a below average opponent look all-conference.
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    We will likely handle Rice well upfront due, in large part, to a big talent disparity. I don’t know what to make of Tech yet this year. Against TCU, Flood has got to have his :e-poo: together. Patterson has a history of kicking our tails up front in the trenches, and then there’s Patterson’s confusing looks, crafty stunts, and blitzes.

    I’m used to having a coaching staff that gets out-foxed by Patterson, Mullet, Riley, Campbell, etc., far more often than not. I have much higher hopes and expectations for our new staff.

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    Seriously I do not ever remember watching our RB turn into the line of scrimmage with two defenders standing there waiting for him. It happened on multiple occasions. I truly felt for BR.
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    I don't know. The only time the cameras zeroed in on our sideline, it was on Sark, or maybe a player.
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    Two things are for certain, we got out schemed on both sides of the ball and their intensity was ratcheted way higher than ours.
    As i said earlier we need to start from the get go like we are 3 touchdowns behind and our hair is on fire because our opponents do!
    Sark comes our their with his stuffed shirt and plans, thinking we'll just do what we do. Hello this isnt Alabama we can't just show up and beat people.
    Sark better come out swinging every game here after not running up the middle and getting stuffed. We dont have the hosses for that. Maybe in a few years.
    I would love to be the offensive coordinator. For free. Hit and run gorilla tactics. Screens, throwing to the robinsons in the flat, RJ throwing a half back pass, bootleg passes and a lot of hurry up play
    All gas no brakes right!
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    They did. I am going to be pissed if the pigs finish the season something like 2-10 or 5-7. Especially if that were to be our only loss, which I doubt it will, but just sayin'.
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    Yes so where were the screen plays and tight ends moving in behind the linebackers
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    There were some open men crossing over the middle on more than a few occasions. In Hudson’s defense, it’s not like he had the time to go through his reads and find them.
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    I mean, that sort of makes sense, but it also sort of sounds like "Well see, the real reason our 5 guys kept letting the DL blow right through them is that the defense sent too few men for our line to be able to block them."
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    See my post #17 to this thread.
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    Good article by Mark Schlabach on espn on overreactions so far this season including us. Definitely worth a look.
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    So we can’t run block but at least we excel at pass protection. Hah. Hah. Uggh
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    Also, we’re about to find out if Sark is really a genius or if any ******* can look brilliant under Saban with his players.

    I am so old I remember when you all thought Tom Herman was a genius.
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    Even the television announcers were calling for Texas to change it up and start passing on first and second down. We finally did when we were down 33-7. The score did jump 10 points in the blink of an eye because of a TO, but damn, why wait so long? What were they thinking?
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    I read back through the The 2021 Football season thread and people were WAY overestimating our line prowess. I was a little down on it but not to the point of despair that we witnessed on Saturday.

    I'm a bit more confused about the OL than the DL. For the D, the new scheme and rotations of players means that everyone (except maybe Coburn) is learning something on the fly, while our Jack/Buck are either brand new or someone new to the position. I kind of expected some sorry run defense on occasions, but not to the tune of 5 different guys getting 6 ypc in a game against us. I think if Ojomo and Broughton get more freedom to make plays in the middle, and if SOMEONE steps up and says "this DE position is mine," we'll be a lot better off. I also think that no one respects our LBs enough because we're always in a deep 5-DB set. Overshown shouldn't be used as a 6th DB. I actually liked the way that Brockenmeyer has played.

    But the OL? You have guys like Kerstetter and Okafor just getting their **** pushed in constantly, which can't be scheme. Jones looked slow. Majors was getting blown back on every snap. And some of these comments apply to the ULL game and not just Piggie. I have to believe that this isn't a Flood thing... it's a Becton thing. The OL just doesn't seem strong or quick or "heady" enough to stop the bleeding right now. There's only so much that Flood can do to put them into position, but once they're there, they have to let the strength and talent take over.
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    While I'm giving Sark (and even Flood) the benefit of the doubt, this exact thought has crossed my mind...

    Now Coach Pete K. on the other hand, usually fielded the best D in his conference with talent that was roughly equal to his opponents. In the case of USC, Oregon, and maybe Utah, he generally had worse talent.
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    From listening to the guys on Inside Texas, Flood wants to run inside zone since that was his scheme at AL. We don't have the personnel to run this, but toward the end of last year we were running more outside zone which seemed to work. I don't why Flood is stubborn about running his same schemes which ultimately do not work with this line. If he was smarter, he would run an offense that fit our personnel rather than vice versa.

    On defense, PK lined up in a defense that was used to defend a Big 12 spread offense. Seemed like he didn't watch any film of Arky's veer spread offense, and even worse didn't make any in-game adjustments. Another thing that bothered me was bringing in all of our back-ups in the 3rd quarter which tells our players that he's given up.

    Sark better address this with the assistants this week.
  21. Chop

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    Can't force a square peg into a round hole. Nobody tried to force John Elway to be an option QB, or make Eric Metcalf a power up-the-gut runner between the tackles.
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    Wow! you got all the answer's and even got a threat to Sark on what he better do this week. GEE, I bet you will be our next coach!
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    Should we just not talk at all about things the team, coaches or players, can do better? Isn't that part of the point of a message board? Why do we need enforcers for this?
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    In his Monday Press Conference Sark addressed the coaching failures and indicated those would be fixed this week.

    As long as Texas is in the Big XII, any DC has to be able to cover and rush the QB. If you cover and don't rush, BIG XII QBs will pick you apart with either their arm, legs or a RB. If you don't cover and rush you have to tackle within a yard or two of the LoS or be entertained by either a deep ball to a wide-open wide receiver or a long run by the RB.

    If Coach K had trouble with Oregon and Utah (at least under the Pirate) he had better be a quick study or 6-6/7-5 here we come.
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    Quite frankly out of all the failures this is what bothers me the most. The coaching staff is paid millions to be the best and most prepared people out there. Even if the players mess up or aren't quite ready for the big game the staff is supposed to be ready for anything. They were just as shell shocked as the team.

    Being only the second game Sark is already saying the staff will be better prepared which leaves me wondering. How the F do you let your guard down in the second game of the staff tenure against an old conference rival who absolutely hates you more than you care about them?

    This is a big problem for me, but we'll see if staff unpreparedness becomes a trend or was that really a one time thing.
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    I mean, no one would come here if we promised to pay based on performance. And even if we could find a coach who would agree to that, they could still be just as shell-shocked.

    I don't think the issue was letting our guard down, as Ark's lead built slowly in the first half. I think the issue was trench execution on both sides of the ball, and like I said, I don't think Flood can do much about that because it was a physicality/speed issue.

    And while anyone will readily admit that Arkansas hates us, we've witnessed them flounder for at least a few years AND against Rice a week earlier. They just "turned it on," which a lot of our opponents seem to do against us regardless of who our coach is (except maybe Nebraska). I think they were prepped out for the Ark team that played the Owls. When it was apparent that it wasn't going to work out that way in the 2nd quarter, Card should have been pulled MUCH sooner, and the defensive front should have been given a lot more freedom to pressure.
  27. Chop

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    There are too many problems with the OL to describe in detail...

    That being said, I think we will see more of Karic. He's not a really big strong guy who bulldozes opponents and gets a 2-3 yard surge (which appears to be Flood's vision for an ideal OL). But he seems to pick up his assignments correctly, he's quick, is a fairly decent pass blocker, and gets the job done well enough most of the time. If we have 5 guys up front on the OL just doing that, we'd see a huge improvement.
  28. Chop

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    I'm actually not that worried about the D line. I think the interior is good, but we could use more pass rush from the edges. Maybe Dorbah gets a shot out there.
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    ^^^^ this.
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    Lighten up, Francis. This wasn't an opinion of mine, just insight from credible writers.
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