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  1. Chop

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    Post your O-line thoughts here.

    It's tough to gauge how good we are up front, since UTEP's D front stinks. Still, I think we're looking at a good O-Line this year. Cosmi is on everyone's All-America watch list. Kerstetter played very well. I saw Jones in there looking solid. Angilau is Angilau--a monster bada$$ run blocker who is adequate at pass blocking (although some of the quicker interior guys he'll face may still give him fits on passing plays). Sam generally had plenty of time to throw and we could run with relative ease. Importantly, I never once shouted "Block!!!" at the tv screen--that's a good indicator. Moreover, superior O-coordination and play calling can make a pretty good O-line look like the best in the conference.

    As for the youngsters, I think Karic will not redshirt and will remain the 2nd team LT all year, getting a decent amount of reps and building experience. He's already shaping into the heir apparent to Cosmi. Hookfin may be destined for RT. I'm hoping Majors is able to shirt. He played against UTEP. Center is tough for a true Freshman to step in and play at, and the interior OL positions (C, G) require more brute strength--something our weight training program and time should provide.
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  2. Run Pincher

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    Better run blocking and a better pass rush are what's needed for this team to be top 5.
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  3. Pomspoms

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    I feel good about our line. I'm hoping that the '21 and '22 recruits, especially certain recruits, saw our o-line in action and Yurcich in action and will want to be in on the fun.
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  4. RainH2burntO

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    This^^^^^^^^and this^^^^^^^^
  5. WorsterMan

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    Spot on!
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  6. nashhorn

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    Yep, pass blocking was exceptional. In fact most time in pocket I can EVER remember for Sam. Run blocking not so impressive and remember this was UTEP they were facing so it will be very revealing with the next contest.
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  7. Chop

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    Tech is rather anemic on D.

    On 10/3 we face TCU. We'll see just how good our blocking is at that game.
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  8. nashhorn

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    Yeah agree but if we cannot run on TT we may have an issue. Although their last opponent didn’t need to at all.
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  9. LAGA4

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    I agree with this. Of all the phases of the game I thought the run game was the one that didn't look really sharp.

    I do think it will get better as the year goes on. This has been a really crazy year.
  10. Chop

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    Quick hitters to Roschon Johnson were reasonably effective.

    208 rushing yards overall for the team. Not fantastic, but not bad.
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  11. nashhorn

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    The cut by BRobinson was a thing of beauty and I hope a preview of what is to come from the youngster.
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  12. HalRex

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    Okafor, move your feet! Other than that they seem to look solid.
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  13. KillerHorn

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    Are you ever trying to read Hornfans posts and your girlfriend comes in with a stream of conscienceness about her day, job etc and all you can do is sit there, look at her and pretend to have any idea what she’s talking about
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  14. mchammer

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    Maybe you can fake it better than me.
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  15. Duck Dodgers

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    What I want to see is 3rd and 1, need a first down to move the sticks at the end of the game or to ice it, hand off to a RB, and get the first down.

    In the games I watched last year, that didn't seem to happen. By stats, the running game was fine to good, but it never seemed like Texas could get a yard when a yard was what was needed. Lots of 2nd or 3rd down for no gain, then QB rush for no gain on the next play.

    I want to see the o-line impose its will on the other team. When everyone knows it's going to be a running play, and still Texas makes the first down. Haven't seen that in years to be honest.
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  16. SabreHorn

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    maybe it has something to do with needing one yard but handing the RB the ball 6-8 yards deep.
  17. nashhorn

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    Some truth there Sabre cause from my end zone view there were more than a few runs where the hole was there but closed by the time the runner got there. Not different than years gone by. Always kills me to say “man, if he’d got that hole a half second quicker”!
  18. Chop

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    That all falls in neatly with Roschon doing pretty well on the quick hitters Saturday.
  19. NRHorn

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    Bud- I’m 34 years married.... you said girlfriend? You ain’t seen nuttin yet.
    1. Look at the bridge of her nose.
    2. Repeat key phrases... “ Becky said that?”
    3. Agree with her thought on the tough day. “I can see how that was hard”
    4. Under no circumstance ever provide advice, regardless of how logical and common-senseical it is.
    5. The easiest way through is pay attention. It’s hard, it takes balls of steel.... but that species can sense psyodo listening... they make you pay later once they detect you have zoned out.
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  20. SabreHorn

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    What happened to the time honored "Yes dear"?

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  21. KillerHorn

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    NR, don’t think I’m some whippersnapper. I was married 12 years, divorced 18. I’ve got kids and grandkids. As I’ve aged I don’t repeat the same mistakes. Hence Girlfriend for last 10 years. Works for me.
    Hook ‘em
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  22. nashhorn

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    Holy Smokes, God bless you.
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  23. caryhorn

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    I would have liked to have seen better holes for the RB's. But the run game was very plain vanilla, which I would expect against weak opponents.
    I think the playbook will open a little more against TT; and then the full book will come out against tcu and ou. I think our offense is going to be really good.

    I'm not sure about our pass defense. Looked suspect. We were helped by utep dropping passes, and generally failing in the pass game. Still utep didn't cross the goal line. Run defense was salty. And again, why show any fancy stunts or blitzes against weak teams when that's not necessary.

    I'm feeling good about this team.
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  24. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Wow, I hit the marriage jackpot!! My wife talks so much she doesn't even know what shes saying much less whether I'm paying attention or not. On the occasion I do pay attention and ask a follow up question I frequently get, "Huh?" Especially when she's moved on to another topic.
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  25. mchammer

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    Don’t you love it when they move to 3 separate topics within 3-5 sentences?
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  26. MajesticII

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    It was UTEP....Someone said their DL was weak....Even a vanilla offense should be able to blow through a weak DL.... If they are weak, then our run game kinda sucks in that we didn't have any explosive plays other than Bijan's 29 yder. If you are good, you shouldn't look pedestrian against "weak" DLs. Was that why Sam and the WRs looked so good ? Was UTEP geared to stop our run game so much it allowed our passing game to kill them ? No matter.....A game vs a weak team doesn't tell ya much unless you look like crap against them. It was a dominating win, so there is that. More will be known after we face a quality defense.
  27. MajesticII

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    We must still incorporate the "slow to the hole" philosophy of Tom Herman. That always allows the hole to close in the knick of time.
  28. NRHorn

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    Mine does what I refer to as climbing a tree and regularly climbs out on beaches as opposed to climbing the trunk to get to the top quickly....
    “You know Amanda? She has the son who works at ChikilA? She walked up to me with a crazy look in her eye. “.....A girl in her department who has a schnauzer that looks like Spot quit.”
  29. rick mueller

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    45+ years married here and I concur with all of the above. I would pick number 4 as being the most important.
  30. Chop

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    The latest depth chart I could find

    2020 Texas Longhorns Football Depth Chart | Ourlads.com

    LT -- Cosmi, Karic
    LG -- Angilau, Ghirmai, Majors
    C -- Kerstetter, Majors, Ghirmai
    RG -- Okafor, Imade
    RT -- Jones, Tyler Johnson


    LT -- very strong
    LG -- solid enough
    C -- strong
    RG -- weakest link
    RT -- surprisingly strong

    Karic is every bit as good as advertised, or better. Christian Jones looked good against UTEP.
    Majors looked very mean and nasty in his film with a quick first step, but remember he's just a true Freshman in the interior line. He'll be facing some very big, very strong DTs in conference play. Either he's better than I thought he'd be as a true Freshman, or our depth at C and OG is pretty awful. I personally like Ghirmai better than Tope Imade at OG. It is evident that both Majors and Ghirmai will see the field frequently this year. Ghirmai is still pretty green, but he looks quicker with better footwork and technique than the other guards. Thus far, Tope Imade has just been a really big guy with marginal mobility.

    Future outlook: We might see some of the Freshmen and Sophomore OTs transition to OG. (Hookfin for instance, maybe Tyler Johnson) I like where we are now and looking into the future at OT. I'm not as positive at OG, at least for now.
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