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Discussion in 'Baseball' started by ViperHorn, May 14, 2019.

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    The East Bay folks better hope this doesn't fall apart. The A's routinely have terrible game attendance stats, despite usually having a pretty good team in a big market. Who knows, they could be splitting for greener pastures if this new stadium deal falls apart (San Antonio, Las Vegas, Salt Lake, Portland ...).

    Often a problem for the #2 team in a big market (White Sox, A's, Mets...)
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    The Giants have typically monopolized the SF area - and you wouldn't expect them to give it up without a fight.

    I would like to see the A's move to San Antonio.
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    MLB needs two additional teams in order to balance the divisions so I would think moving a current team to a more desirable city is off the table right now. Two of Vegas, Portland, and San Antonio seem to be the logical potential expansion cities (and more than likely Vegas is guaranteed a spot).

    32 teams equate to 4 4 team divisions per league meaning a total redo of leagues and divisions would have to take place. SA, Texas, Houston, and Colorado (or Arizona) would make a good division (even better if it was in the NL).

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    I heard interview with MLB commissioner and he all but said there would be expansion to 32 teams. To a virtual certainty Vegas will be one of the two, the success of the NHL franchise coupled with the NFL moving there has shown professional sports works in sin city and MLB will jump on that train. Portland and Montreal are in mix for other spoy along with maybe Nashville, I don't think San Antonio has chance at a MLB team for variety of reasons but particularly the fact that Rangers and Houston dont want to further dilute their support bases statewide and revenue from TV statewide.
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    Montreal had their shot and blew it. California supports 5 MLB teams so Texas should be able to support 3, but I agree Texas and especially Houston would fight it on a level equal to Southwest Airlines fighting the bullet train.

    I would throw Portland, Nashville, New Orleans, Jacksonville, and Charlotte into a group of want-a-be's with St. Louis, Atlanta and Tampa Bay fighting against them. Why stop at 32 if you include this group - go to 36 with 3 6 team divisions in each league. Talent level would drop measurably, but for some reason, baseball missed a couple of economic classes.

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