Obama ready for serious power grab

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by ProdigalHorn, May 7, 2011.

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    surely the ACLU will defend under first amendment rights
  3. Leftwith

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    **** Obama. The corrupt mother-****** is WAAAY out of control. First the Boeing thing, now this.

    Surely this fascist ******** won't stand. If the Senate and Congress don't do something to stop it, it might be time for "we the people" to rise the **** up. [​IMG]
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    It should be President Obama not Mr. Obama.
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    The post above not withstanding--------------care to comment on this issue?
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    "Who referred to him as " mr. obama"?"

    It was "Mr. Obama" and it was highlighted in your post.
  11. Leftwith

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    Mr. Obama is a compliment for that piece of ****. He deserves a lot worse.
  12. ProdigalHorn

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    his name is Barry Soetoro
  14. THEU

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    I know I get real pissed off when people refer to me as 'Mr.' I think it is just utter and blatant disrespect to have that title used with my name....

    Of all the stuff said on WM, to take offense at that seems just absolutely silly.

    It seems even more silly given the very serious nature of this thread. If Bush had done this same action, it would be just as detestable. It is a full frontal assault on the first amendment. Of course, President Obama (that suit you better?) has a terrible record of paying any attention to the Constitution anyway.
  15. bub

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    You guys are nuts.

    He's duly elected you nuts. President.
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  17. Sangre Naranjada

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    President does not equal king, nor despot, nor supreme ruler. Not in this society.
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  19. Sangre Naranjada

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    No, bub seems to think that since The ONE was elected, he can do whatever the hell he wants. I simply point out that is not so.
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    After initialing calling him "President Obama" they called him "Mr. Obama."

    That's outrageous!

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    Leftwich, tell us how you really feel. After several posts of yours I am still not quite sure of your opinion of the President.

    Zzz and prod,

    I don't mind the use of Mr. Obama, but I do mind the continued verbal cursings and plays on his name around here ( Obamacare, etc). Too many seem to trivialize his role as leader of our nation and give him so little respect. Seems even more astonishing to me with the events that have occurred the last 2 weeks. Seems very unpatriotic to me. You should be able to disagree and still act like a civilized adult. Not referring to you but others.

    I think many of these attacks often come from the less than 60% of voters who voted him into office. Always interesting how a minority of people can be so vocal.
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  26. Sangre Naranjada

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    You can't post anything without belittling the person on the other side of the question, can you?
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    I find nothing honorable or dignified about a man who is supposed to be President over all citizens calling a group who do not agree with him " bitter " and "clinging to religion"
    telling another group to " punish your enemies( enemies: American citizens who believe the laws of our land should be enforced?)
    telling his supporters to get in people's faces or to bring a gun if the people opposing you bring a knife.

    What is dignified about repeatedly calling out and insulting conservative talkers by Name?
    Not to mention inviting an opposing Represenative to sit in front row so you can insult him.
    Ot insult the USSC who are sitting in front of you.

    Obama's behavior is frequently childish and petty, in public in full view and hearing of everyone.
  29. pasotex

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    At the risk of actually being constructive, I think this is an excellent idea.

    The claim that this information will be used to determine who does and does not get a contract is nonsense. I do think it will reveal why certain contractors receive political favors though which is why I suspect Republicans would oppose it.

    Why should this information be secret?
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