Discussion in 'West Mall' started by FondrenRoad, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. FondrenRoad

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    doesn't have enough threads.
  2. naked_bongo

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    i heard obama is black. and his middle name is "hussein?!?!?"
  3. Rip76

    Rip76 1,000+ Posts

    I heard he was 1/2 black.
  4. 13evO

    13evO 500+ Posts

    Being Barack Obama

    Obama Waiter - "Obama Obama Obama Obama?"

    Obama Customer - "Obama! Obama!"

    Obama Waiter - "Obama Obama Obama Obama?"

    Obama Customer - "Obama! Obama! Obama!"
  5. TahoeHorn

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  6. zzzz

    zzzz 2,500+ Posts

    You can't spell "God Damn America *******" without OBAMA.
  7. Dr Fear

    Dr Fear 500+ Posts

    Born in Hawaii.
  8. blackbelthorn

    blackbelthorn 250+ Posts

    Hawaiian Punch.



    Same Ol, Same Ol'.
  9. blackbelthorn

    blackbelthorn 250+ Posts

    "I categorically denounce any statement that disparages our great country or serves to divide us from our allies, AND MY WIFE'S COMMENTS" [​IMG]
  10. Wesser

    Wesser 1,000+ Posts

    We could always have more threads on how government buildings resemble swastikas [​IMG]
  11. Austintxusa

    Austintxusa 2,500+ Posts

    I'm cool with having multiple threads about Obama.

    The Limbaugh Dittoheads are wearing their grubby little fingers down to the bone typing their futile bile.

  12. HornGrandioso

    HornGrandioso 500+ Posts

    Who is this Obama guy I keep hearing about?
  13. 4th&5

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    Chap girls rock!!


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