Obama's parting gifts to the American people

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Joe Fan, Nov 18, 2016.

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    Who Gets to 20* First?

    Trump's Dow
    Obama's debt?

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    To be fair although the pic is purported to be BO in his early 20s the Choom gang was from high school so BO puffing is BO maybe at Columbus maybe honing hs community organizing skills?
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    Responding to the first few words "echo chamber." But X's a 1,000.
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    Has there ever been a more appropriate magazine cover for the truth?
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    you missed the sarcasm...
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    another fine example of what Obama has left us with ....

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    of course he did

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    This is a salient point that I think hits the issue and hasn't been talked about nearly enough. Because Kerry's absolutely right.

    I'm not saying I agree with his or Obama's stance, but I actually believe that Kerry believes himself when he says "We're the best friends Israel has ever had." Because he sees and believes that the Palestinians need to be recognized and validated, and that's his first priority. Any solution that leaves them "homeless" (by their definition) won't work. So he sees three options: either Israel figures out the two-state solution (which apparently has to include a shared Jerusalem) and allows Palestinians to be part of the democratic process, or they essentially function as an apartheid state (which to some extent they are now.) Which means eventually they become a global pariah - moreso than they already are.

    Basically he's saying that they need to fix this issue before they alienate the world and become the 21st century version of South Africa, and potentially face all sorts of sanctions.

    The issue, of course, is that this puts Palestinian interests ahead of Israeli interests. Israel can't function as a democracy in a region where they are vastly outnumbered by people who hate them. The minute Palestinians become part of the legislative process, they push for majority standing and start doing real damage. It's very possible they could eventually "take over" Israel from within and then the Jews become the persecuted class. And that won't end well.

    Not to mention the fact that Israel is a prosperous nation that's managed to turn their country into a beacon of civilization by spending money on schools, irrigation, and things like improving their people's standard of living. The Palestinians live in squalor because they spend all their money on weapons and support of terrorists. I can see a real resistance to Israel wanting to give up any oversight of what they've built to people who have shown they don't care about any of those things.

    We know for a fact that the minute Gaza becomes Palestinian territory, they will use it to launch attacks against Israel. It happens every time like clockwork. Any solution that basically opens Israel up to attack is going to get shot down (figuratively and literally). So basically we're at an impasse.

    At least that's my limited understanding of the issue...
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    Obama: "Win an election."

    Trump: "Okay."

    Obama: "Our democracy is broken and everybody is a racist."
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    Obama gave his buddy Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction. This is the first time in his entire 8 year administration that he found a person in the entire United States worthy of the PMF WITH Distinction.

    What has Biden done the last 8 years to deserve that?
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    Clinton supporters whinning is getting them an investigation of Comey.

    I agree Comey should be investigated...for not recommending charges against Hillary in July.
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    What word comes to mind here when you read this? Hypocrisy should be the one that comes to mind. The arguments about mariner safety are legitimate. But why all of a sudden in January 2017 is this now more important to change the policy? Could it be because the election is over and Florida already voted for Trump? Sure...let's send these people who made it to Florida's shores back to the Castro regime. I'm sure they won't be executed.

    Someone else on West Mall has argued that illegal immigrants along the Southern Border have due diligence rights to claim political asylum in order to subvert our deportation policy. Of course, that's complete bullsh!t. The vast majority of illegal immigrants from the Southern Border have ZERO interest in claiming political asylum because they know any claim for such would be a farce.

    Is this also the case with asylum seekers fleeing from communist Castro Cuba? Of course not. If there ever was a legitimate argument for political asylum policy, it's Cuban refugees. There is a difference though...they're much more likely to vote Republican.
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    The worst of the worst

    Wonder what Obama gave Oman for this? (Will our Govt ever disclose this to us?). No doubt, Oman understood the situation and used their leverage while they had it. But for what? What did they really want?
    Wonder where will these guys end up eventually?

    It's a little ironic, dont you think, that Obama treats these guys so well because Bush captured them, but if the same guys were in an SUV traveling over some Omani dirt road, Obama would have no problem droning them to death.

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    click once to enlarge

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    Chelsea Manning leaked classified military matters.
    Obama treats as hero

    Someone leaked some emails of the Democrats
    Obama thinks this person should be in prison.


    Some are claiming that the real reason Obama commuted Chelsea Manning was so that he/she would be free to ghostwrite Obama's upcoming auto-biography -- which has the working title of "Ha Ha, I'm Really a Gay Muslim Born In Kenya."
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    I vehemently disagree with this commutation. When can we expect Julian Assange to land in D.C.?

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    Holy cow, it is amazing what people will do with photoshop these days.
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    This action by Obama probably does strengthen Assange's position

    FWIW, I do not think Manning can be called a whistleblower. He put a shyte-ton of classified military docs out there. A bunch. Including sources (something that puts the lives of other human beings at risk). At the very minimum, his conduct was reckless.

    And why did Manning do this?
    Why did he/she play a game with other people's lives?
    Because he felt like it!

    From Obama's perspective has always had soft spot for traitors. So, you cannot say what he did today is either new or surprising. Obama has also had a soft spot for LBGTQs, openly pandering to them for the last 8 years.

    In any event, if what Manning did does not deserve a long prison sentence, then the law on this area needs to be re-written. You probably cannot find a case with greater disclosure of classified material.

    ps -- And I am willing to bet Obama would have commuted/pardoned Snowden too, if he had stayed to take it like a man (like Chelsea did).
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    In all those fotos, this is the only one that bothers you?
    You are as creepy as Joe
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    Doesnt it seem like liberals are always caught in positions like this?


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