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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by justabbfan, Sep 8, 2020.

  1. justabbfan

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    Just a heads up that a documentary that was made about the events surrounding the murder in 2003 of Baylor men’s basketball player, Patrick Dennehy, is on the Showtime channel this coming weekend. It was made in 2017 but I don’t recall seeing it at that time. Thought some of you might be interested.
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    I saw it when it came out - terrible to hear the recordings. Bliss was/is a real POS - kept doing shady stuff long after leaving Baylor.
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    I watched this a couple of years ago. It's definitely a must watch. Shocking.
  4. mb227

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    Timing is interesting given that Dotson is in the parole review process...eligible in January, could be voted in November, case went into review this month.

    Granted, I doubt it has an impact on the voting process since a homicide in the initial review cycle is ALWAYS a tough case to get a favorable vote on, but it never bodes well when a case is aired on television at this stage of the process. I say this with a client who has been profiled in the Snapped series and had the misfortune of the episode re-airing no fewer than three times while in the review process.

    Without the program airing, it would have likely been as we saw with the Trevone Boykin review...voters didn't give a crap about the athletic prowess and just voted on merits of the file.
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    The person toward the end (not sure who he was) who made the statement that if you don't get all the cancer it will come back. Rather prophetic in the case of Baylor University. Plus all the head coaches at other major universities turning on and basically blacklisting the assistant coach that recorded his conversations with Bliss should be ashamed.
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