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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by RainH2burntO, Jan 20, 2021.

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  2. RainH2burntO

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    My own are:

    Concerned about offensive line depth....given

    Need 1 more good RB in case of injury

    Need Troy to stay healthy and get on the field

    Yes and amen to what they said about Tight End favoritism and usage

    Yes, please put Jake and JWitt on field at same time in some sets

    Someone else will need to step up/emerge in the WR room
  3. Chop

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    I wouldn't be surprised if Hookfin jumps Okafor at the RG position at some point.
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  4. Chop

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    "Willie Tyler has reportedly entered the portal."

    I hope he lands somewhere where he can shine. There are places out there in need of an interior road grater.

    At the highest level of college ball, you can recruit lean, quick linemen and put muscle on them in the college S&C program and dining hall. (see Karic, Hookfin, Cosmi) It's much more difficult to take big slow dudes and make them quick (if that's possible at all).
    Of course, it's nice to have a big, strong, and quick guy to begin with, but a Justin Blaylock doesn't come along and sign with Texas every recruiting year.


    The portal is large.
  5. Handler

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    Anyone have updates on Derrian Brown? Can he play football again?
  6. Chop

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    I hope Derrian Brown rehabilitates fully and makes it back on the field.

    Don't worry too much about RB depth though, as Jonathan Brooks could be a star. I would think he'll be #3 behind Bijan and Roschon in the Fall. Whittington could slide back into the RB position if needed. I'm not sure what the final verdict is with Danny Young or Ingram, as I have not been following it closely.
  7. dukesteer

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    Of the starters I’d put Whittington ahead of Smith.

    I’m eager to see what Omeire can do.

    On the OL, is it just me or did the starting five at the end of the year look pretty darn good? I really like Kerstretter at RT.
  8. Horns11

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    There'd only be one reason that Kerstetter is heading back to RT, and it's not good news for him. His only shot at the league is interior, and that was the impetus for replacing Shack with him this past season. If he's back at RT, it means that we've either abandoned that experiment, or he knows his ceiling isn't going to include some NFL roster dreams. I thought Jones was actually serviceable on the right side compared to Okafor, and if Karic can handle it, I'd rather have him on the edge than Jones on the blind side. The real issue is that with both Okafor and Kerstetter coming back, and Kerstetter being the preferred option by about a mile, Kerstetter should probably be back at C or RG instead of RT. Which means that Okafor doesn't really have a spot (or a reason to return).

    I don't have any issues with the rest of the line. I doubt Majors would actually beat out Kerstetter at C if they're both healthy.

    Before everyone anoints Omeire as the second coming of Megatron based on some summer workout clips, I still think Washington and Woodard should be given some more looks before we back away from them forever. I like how Omeire looks too, but the other guys have never really done anything wrong. I'd love to either of them get 5-6 attempts in a real game with real consequences.

    Whittington and Smith are interchangeable. They each have strengths.

    I'm fine with Brewer not being the primary TE.
  9. RainH2burntO

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    Right on Whitt (,I overlooked that angle). I like the looks of Brooks but don't think he can step in and handle pass protection etc...and we'd like to RS him I would think...unless he is all that + a bag of funyuns. Thinking of JWhitt helps ease my concern a bit.
  10. Chop

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    Brooks is something else. He was a sledgehammer tackler on defense for his team.
  11. theiioftx

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    Tennessee has a number of good players entering the portal. Problem is that they were probably all the ones eating McDonalds.
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    I’ve asked this multiple times here, no one seems to know.
  13. NRHorn

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    No duke, that was really obvious to me as well. The OL looked great.
  14. dukesteer

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    BTW, what was Collins’ injury in the Alamo and has he fully recovered, or do we know?
  15. orngblud

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    I'd like to see Gabriel Watson get some time (and excel) at RB and allow Jonathan Brooks not to have to play a snap in 2021... but then again, I'm in favor of all true freshmen redshirting more often than I'm not
  16. NRHorn

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    It’s feels good to feel good about UT football again.
    ... negative replies in 3,2,1

    The excitement around UT is a welcome emotion- that’s all I am saying here.
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    I thought I had read somewhere he had gone to a medical scholarship. I think his chances of ever playing again are none to none. Really sad how things turned out for him and Floyd.
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    RB - we're thin at RB. imo, that's where Sark gets Whit more plays getting him in at an evolved H Back. 20 formation with Jake in the slot. i'm ok with that. if we get johnson or wheaton (recriting), they should get reps. Then ride Bijan, ride. I love Ro.

    WR - i'm guessing we're fine. Joshua Moore and Jake stabilize us. There's some raw talent and experience behind them. Just would like Jake and Whit out there together more.

    OL - our line is thin, but I really liked what I saw at the end. I think the young guys are better road graders for Bijan. The right side seemed weaker at pass protection.

    QB - Casey seems more advanced, but I really think Card has a great shot.

    TE - Solid.

    I'm hoping it's the Bijan, Roschon, Joshua, Jake show next year with health doses of Whit and J'TS
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  19. ViperHorn

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    More Whit on the field and out of the training room is desirable.
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    SIAP, but I think two of those projected starters are replaced. Okafor with Johnson and Omiere (sp?) with Whittington. No reason both receivers can’t be on the field at the same time. I also think Sanders will at the very least eventually start at tight end if that’s where Sark puts him. Maybe TE and passing down rush specialist.
  21. Chop

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    And with all this time off, hopefully he's had time to fully, completely, 100% heal up.
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  23. RainH2burntO

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    Barring another injury, I will be surprised if we don't see Troy Omeire on the field alot next year
  24. RainH2burntO

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    Will be interesting with LJ and Camar still out there now that a new sheriff is in town. I have expected CW to go to ou. Figured lately LJ would swing here...though aggy's run game and blocking looks pretty strong so they've got that going for them. Maybe coach knows something....Not sure what us takng a grad transfer before signing day would mean, but..
    For now Im going to guess he goes elsewhere and hoping LJ still in play.
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