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Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by Dude, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. Fried JJ Pickles

    Fried JJ Pickles 1,000+ Posts

    The Lexus IS 250 is the official sedan of the Costco parking lot. Douchebags don't inhabit Costco.

    So the Lexus is a miss too.
  2. HornsOverIthaca

    HornsOverIthaca 250+ Posts

    If you're wondering what a douchebag is, look no further.
  3. Stuck_At_Work

    Stuck_At_Work 1,000+ Posts

    Pink shirt guy does not drive an Acura. He is more likely to drive an Eclipse or a modified Civic.
  4. converse

    converse 250+ Posts

    This thread would be so much better if the posters revealed what they drive.

    I'll start:
    "Hi, I'm Converse and I drive a BMW 325i."
    "Hi Converse. You are a douche"
  5. LonghornLayla

    LonghornLayla 25+ Posts

    I just was at a stop sign and this guy didn't stop, he just kinda rolled through. There were others waiting to go. I said to myself, "What a douchebag" and then I saw he was driving an Acura.
  6. OrangeBlooded

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  7. killerfrog17

    killerfrog17 250+ Posts

    Damn, what are you guys, CEOs or something?
  8. Steel Shank

    Steel Shank 1,000+ Posts

    Here's my ride. Am I a douche?

  9. Hornin Hong Kong

    Hornin Hong Kong 1,000+ Posts

    Ok I'll bite converse -

    "Hi I'm HiHK and I drive a used 2004 X3 that I got a few months ago" - since it has a 3 I'm a douche (but I didn't want an X5 - too big and more gas with the v8) - I'll submit the X5 with the v6 = douche if driven by a man.

    "Hi I'm HiHK an I drive a 2002 Aston Martin DB7 CONVERTIBLE"

    Convertible so I'm a douche.
  10. Texas007

    Texas007 1,000+ Posts

    I am Texas007 and I drive a 2005 911 Carrera S, and a 2006 BMW X5 - 4.4(I avoid HIHK's douche criteria for the X5!). I am a douche I guess. Should we include photos as proof so as not to be called out for giving false cars to avoid douche label? I think we should if for no other reason than I want to see HIHK's Aston. Those things are beautiful.
  11. Steel Shank

    Steel Shank 1,000+ Posts

    Steel Shank = complete man stud
    HiHK, Texas007 = pair of douches
  12. Hornin Hong Kong

    Hornin Hong Kong 1,000+ Posts

    I hesitate to put pictures of the aston up due to the color but it looks like this:

  13. HornsOverIthaca

    HornsOverIthaca 250+ Posts

    If you drive a douche car you just have to do something to counter-balance it. Maybe you could go out and wrestle a bear, build a log cabin with your bare hands, then live off the land. There's an episode of Walker Texas Ranger where he wrestles a bear and wins by giving it a stare-down. Thats good research. I can't remember if that was before or after shooting down the attack helicopter with the missile he had in his truck for some reason.
  14. accuratehorn

    accuratehorn 10,000+ Posts

    You are suggesting there is a douche remediation treatment?
  15. crash_davis

    crash_davis 250+ Posts

    yes, move the f**khead away from dallas.
  16. PFD

    PFD 1,000+ Posts

  17. Texas007

    Texas007 1,000+ Posts

  18. crash_davis

    crash_davis 250+ Posts

    Have you been to the Warehouse District in Austin lately?

    you're comparing the warehouse district to the whole of dallas (except for a few oasis of douchefreedom--mstreets and lakewood)?
  19. Steel Shank

    Steel Shank 1,000+ Posts

    Every chance I get, I smoke my tires. Lets the ladies know just what kind of man I am.
  20. washparkhorn

    washparkhorn 2,500+ Posts

    I think I am going to buy a Mini-Cooper for the daily commute.
  21. Hornin Hong Kong

    Hornin Hong Kong 1,000+ Posts

    I actually considered the mini - if you saw my parking garag you would unerstand - however - I use the front/rear sensor beepers now - it's terrifying.

    I thought abou a lotus as well but my friend said only hairdressers drive them
  22. Texas007

    Texas007 1,000+ Posts

    I have several friends with LOtus Exige track cars. Fun as hell to drive on a track, but would not be a good daily driver IMO.
  23. HornsOverIthaca

    HornsOverIthaca 250+ Posts

  24. VYFan

    VYFan 2,500+ Posts

    I have always thought of BMWs as wanna be Mercedes Benzs. One's icing, one's cake.

    As for me, I drive cars for approximately 2.5 years past the time my friends and family finally become unanimous in saying, "you really ought to have a better car...don't you want to drive something nicer?" It's just a tool to get from place to place; I'd rather have another rent house than drive these cars you guys talk about. I AM THE ANTI-DOUCHE!
  25. Texas007

    Texas007 1,000+ Posts

  26. VYFan

    VYFan 2,500+ Posts

    I fully admit that I don't know, but my impression has always been that Mercedes is the more solid car, and you get more quality and less label. BMW selling more doesn't go to that point, but maybe my impression has been wrong all this time, too.
  27. Fried JJ Pickles

    Fried JJ Pickles 1,000+ Posts

  28. TexonLongIsland

    TexonLongIsland 2,500+ Posts

    Actually Audi is the "poor man's mercedes"

    And I drive an Audi Allroad as a "station car" ie it takes me the 7 minutes to get to my Long Island Railroad station, but it rocks in the snow and ice
  29. beencounting

    beencounting 500+ Posts

    Range Rover is all about looks since only a small percentage ever use it off road. Now that's all about vanity.

    a toned down convertible is still a look at me car. Also, any car over $100k is screaming "look at me", especially a Ferrari in HK (what a waste).

    douches on this thread have gone to great extremes to defend their douchedom, but it's been an entertaining thread.
  30. Bluepies

    Bluepies Guest

    Any car that honks at bikes, then floors it when passing to show how manly they are. Bonus points for honking after nearly killing a cyclist or after running a stop sign (and especially for doing both). Based on my experience, seems like a lot of honking comes from big white trucks, and a lot of revving comes from rice rockets.

    My cars:
    2008 Fuji Touring (that's a bike)
    1972 Volkswagen Beetle

    I use the Fuji a lot more than the bug.

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