Official wristwatch of the douche

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by Craigcito, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. Lat22

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    You can't lease a nice watch. Douches can't afford a nice Rolex, Panerai or Breitling.
  2. 12thStudStan

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  3. BigWill

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    so if you have money you are douche-proof?

    Actually, douches often have money. or credit.
  4. BoogityBoy

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    Hey Thad, look, I have a Tiger Woods watch!!!!

    LITNIN HORN 1,000+ Posts


    Most never realize their own douchery...especially those with money.

  6. Math Mudrat

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    I would have never thought people who own Rolexes would be reading Hornfans...shouldnt yall be out on a yacht or in the south of France or some ****?
  7. Texas007

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  8. TXHookem

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    There's Rolex and there's Rolex. To me, a classic Air King is anything but douche-like


    At the same time, money does not equal taste

  9. 12th stud stan solved the issue with watches and cell phones.
    nice work
  10. ptownhorn

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    this is mine yes bragging. and no im 34 I make over 70k a year. homeowner, dont drive a mercedez c class, and dont wear button down striped shirts with my shirt untucked.
  11. Steel Shank

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  12. midtown

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    I've never heard of anyone bragging about owning at Tag.

    LITNIN HORN 1,000+ Posts


    Fossil 2005 National Championship watch

  14. CaboWabo

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  15. CaptainEd

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    that's nice, but i'm partial to my stingray band...
  16. TexonLongIsland

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  18. LdyLnghrn

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    This is mine. I bought it a few years ago, with some of the money that I received from my grandmother's estate. I had always wanted a really good/nice watch, and I wanted something that I could always point to and say, "THAT is what I got from my grandmother's estate". Actually, I purchased the watch and a very good strand of pearls, and invested the remainder. I also didn't want a watch that looked just like $20 fakes for sale on the streets of NYC or Laredo (read Rolex and TAG). I'm a single mom, make less than $60k/year, shop at Target, and don't consider myself a douche. Or, would that be douchette? [​IMG]
  19. madscientist

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    damn that's an ugly rolex.
  20. HornsOverIthaca

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    Timex Datalink Ironman. For when you need the hook up.
  21. Summit104

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    I guess I don't understand all the TAG hate around here. I have a plain silver TAG and don't consider it douchey at all.

    Viva la smugness!
  22. Texas007

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    I have the UT Tag Huer. I think it is pretty cool. I am sure aggy thinks its douchey.

  23. ptownhorn

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  24. Jive_Turkey

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  25. B

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    "No, but I also wouldn't use a $120 Mont Blanc pen, wear $500 Yurman cuff-links or wear $100 Ike Behar shirts, $400 Ferragamo shoes and $1000 Armani suits either...or even drive an luxury vehicle."

    Right, like the guy in the $1,000 suit is going to wear a Timex. - Gob
  26. badexcuse

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  27. StringfelloHORN

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    Swatch watch, homey.
  28. Feloin

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    Mack & DKR both wear Rolex. Frank Broyles wears the one DKR gave him.
  29. bighornfan32

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    Theres some real doucheyness on this thread.
  30. HornsOverIthaca

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    This thread makes me want a watch.

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