Official wristwatch of the douche

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by Craigcito, Jun 17, 2008.

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    If you are an old man you probably still think it's 1985, so wearing a watch is acceptable.

    There's a reason why in 1985, people wore $30 watches and why now, in 2008, nobody wears a watch that costs less than $1000.

    That's because the watch is no longer useful. It wasn't that long ago, that clocks weren't even in cars. Now they are in coffee makers, microwaves, tvs, cell phones, computers and pretty much any digital device. There is no longer a functional reason for wearing a watch. It's now a piece of jewelry and nothing more.

    Most people are now rarely in a room with less than 3 or 4 devices that can tell time.

    A guy under 50 who wears a wristwatch is no different than a guy who wears a gold necklace or a pinky ring. It's jewelry.

    And if you can't admit that your watch is nothing more than show-off jewelry, you are very likely a douche.
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    What do you want to bet that Fried has a very elaborate myspace page?

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    So I can't have a big name watch or car without being a dbag?
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    Yup, that is the Hornfans Way.

    You are allowed to drive a minivan and wear a Timex, and not be considered a d-bag. Any other types/brands are unacceptable.

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    What if I am listening to Coldplay while driving said minivan and wearing the Timex?
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    then you'd be a d-bag at any point after their 2nd cd. [​IMG]

    and f**khead mr. pickles' opinion. i like watches.
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    A man wears a watch.
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    I'm 35, I'm an electrical engineer working in high tech, I've been programming computers since I was ten years old, and I wear a watch (it's a Seiko, not a Timex, so I guess I'm a d-bag too).
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    I'm thinking of buying a vintage Rolex like this:

    Does that make me a douche?
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    no. that's a sharp watch. check out of tennessee to avoid tax. i haven't used, but they are in austin and seem to have a good selection.
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    I went to the bank today during lunch and looked at my watch to check the time! [​IMG]
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    Official wristwatch of the Deutsch.

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    My wife bought me one of these a couple of years ago. I have a stainless Submariner I bought when I was in the Marines in 1984. Both of them had to be repaired this year. Ouch.
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    There really needs to be a solid guidline on what constitutes a D-Bag.
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    There is a solid guideline for what constitutes a douche.......I believe that if you are checking this board for "permission" on what to buy/not buy/wear/not wear........welcome to doucheville.
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    that vintage Rolex is ******* sweet.

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