OJ brutally beaten in prison

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Bevo Incognito, Feb 15, 2011.

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    That is really sad. I cannot stand the man but would not wish that on anyone!
  3. allweatherHorn

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    Seems like there are a lot of brutal *** kickings in prison despite the presence of guards and other security measures. Oh well, with this one being between some racist pricks and a murdering USC running back, it's hard for me to care much. I hope no guards were injured in the melee.
  4. it's just unreal to imagine what it must be like to have had everything, to have been so adored and to wind up like this.
  5. Mesohorny

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    "Where the white women at?"

  6. Bevo5

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    Wow...never thought I'd cheer on skin heads.

    f**k OJ. He should get a beating every day of his life.
  7. Xcalibur

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    This makes me smile.
  8. Scalia

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    The message: don't do anything that gets you in the system.
  9. H-D Rider

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    I guess he won't be talking about his "white women" conquest any time soon! Yikes.... [​IMG]
  10. RomaVicta

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    I don't find prison rape or prison brutality amusing. OJ is a despicable person and deserves bad things, but I hate that rape and brutality are an accepted accompaniment to a prison sentence. It's a shame on the nation, IMHO.
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    Prison should be an absolute horrible place to be. Maybe more people will take that into account prior to turning their wives into Pez dispensers.
  12. Horn-N-LA

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    awww what a shame. [​IMG]
  13. Third Coast

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    I wish OJ success with his rehabilitation.
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    The Enquirer's report indicates that Simpson decided to "brag about his sexual conquests of beautiful white women" and that didn't sit to well with a group of "white supremacists."

    I imagine a lawsuit will be coming against the prison system and/or a move to a different prison. i figured he would be out by now. isnt he in for stealing memorabilia or something?
  16. accuratehorn

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    This just in...the jury in this case has found the defendants NOT GUILTY.
  17. Xcalibur

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    No sympathy at all. OJ was in the best position to make sure this didn't happen to him.

    1) Don't murder your wife
    2) Don't commit armed robbery
    3) Don't brag to nazis about boning white chicks

    Even though OJ violated #1 and got a mulligan, I guess complying with #2 and #3 was too much to ask.
  18. Detective Shilala

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    LOL accuratehorn. Now THAT would be karma.
  19. Clean

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    Since it's racial in nature, I'm sure Brothers Sharpton and Jackson will whip the liberal media into a frenzy and ride to his rescue.

    Oh wait, I'm not on the West Mall am I ? ........ never mind.

  21. HornsForever'93

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    An armed robber is beaten by skinheads. Low life v. low life. As far as the murder case goes, I wish it would be gone from our collective memories. Just seeing the racial nonsense on the CBS sportsline thread is sad.
  22. South Austin

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    "He says the trick is: kick someone's *** the first day, or become someone's *****."

  24. Xcalibur

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  26. GabeRocksSocks

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    Really? No one is gonna point out that this is the National Enquirer, one of the biggest BS tabloids in the nation?
  27. Whiterock Horn

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  28. Texclerk

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    The punishment is going to prison. Sure prison can be violent, but that does not make the violence right. I am as conservative as the next guy and do not think that convicted criminals deserve any breaks, but I find it morally reprehensible to condone such violence regardless of the victim.
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