Okay, who isn’t buying Texas t-shirts

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by Texex81, Sep 11, 2018.

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    Well also ATM now lets anyone in that has heartbeat. Now they are the largest school in the nation. So there is that. A lot of goons out there. And everyone has aggie trash gear.
    Source wikipedia
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    I said it before my first sign of our irrelevance was seeing Aggie year having larger displays than us in Academy and WalMart stores. In fact now I see stores where there is no Longhorn year and three or four Aggie choices. Sad but true.
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    Exactly right, I have noticed the same thing... the football team winning again will reverse that.
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    This is really not true. I've seen students from my school and church who were top-15%-20% in their classes get rejected because of the cap from the larger HS.
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    I've always thought this revenue rating stuff was largely irrelevant. Alabama is what, 4th on that list? I'd gladly trade our spot for theirs if we were winning NC's like they have been. What matters is what happens on the field.
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    The irony is that this shows just how many bandwagon/tshirt fans aggy happens to have in their 'base.'
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    I have to add I wouldn’t buy any of our Nike gear this past weekend trip either.
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    Not so fast, just read what is included in revenue for the period 1014 - 2016 rating period.
    The surge in contributions is the Texas A&M faithful's response to fundraising efforts started in 2014 to fund some major construction efforts: Kyle Field underwent a $485 million renovation that made it college football’s third-largest stadium, and another $68 million was put toward building new stadiums for softball and track and field. But as those projects are completed, the contribution revenue should ebb back toward normal levels. And if the team's on-field performance doesn't soon improve from the mediocre finishes of the last few years, then some of those other revenue streams may also begin to dry up.

    Lying in wait is Texas. Although the runner-up this year, the Longhorns remain a financial powerhouse across the board. The team is among the best in nearly every revenue stream that's not tied to conference money or bowl game payouts; the Longhorns are top-five in contributions, ticket sales, endowments, concessions and even youth camps. And Texas football's $31 million from licensing, royalties and advertising is 50% more than any other team makes from the category.

    Fold in $260M in stadium seat donations and that caught them up.
    Too bad they dont subtract the debt on the $485M + $68M balance.
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    Despite whatever public perception a&m would like there to be to the contrary... they have an enormous amount of bandwagon and t-shirt fans.

    I live in a very pro-aggy part of the state and I see this every year:

    1. July-August people start walking around in aggy gear if there's some chance they might have a decent team for the upcoming season. If not, people in aggy gear are near-absent. When Johnny trainwreck was there I'd have thought I was in college station around here yet I went months without seeing even an aggy ball cap during Sumlin's last season.
    2. Aggy has a big win (or even just a moral victory, that's the same for them) and people suddenly start walking around in aggy gear.
    3. November - December. By now aggy has lost 3-5+ games, gone to their meaningless bowl game (or not) and people wearing aggy gear are becoming harder and harder to find.
    4. July-August, rinse, repeat.
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