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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Chop, Dec 20, 2020.

  1. Sangre Naranjada

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    I am excited about the growth potential of this team, but that is tempered a little by the possibility of falling into poor offensive habits from seasons past when we are faced with stronger defensive opposition in conference play.
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  2. old65horn

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    Why isn't Febres playing. He was streaky last year, but a good 3 point shooter against the zone.

    A good sign, is we won without any contribution from Ramey. He has been on for most of the short season, but really off against OSU. Coleman played 40 minutes, wow.

    Really good that we have seniors, Sims and Coleman. Hopeful and cautiously optimistic about this year.
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  3. Joe Fan

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    Free OB article on Brown --

    An early pick for biggest disappointment of the season: thousands of Longhorn fans didn’t get to experience Greg Brown’s arrival at the Erwin Center. Behind Brown’s 24 points (7-of-14 from the floor; 3-of-7 from three-point range; 7-of-11 at the free throw line), 14 rebounds, and three vicious blocks, the No. 11 Longhorns (7-1, 1-0) held off Oklahoma State (6-2, 0-2) and won, 77-74.

    Orangebloods - Greg Brown has arrived...
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  4. The Eyes of Texas

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    Isn't 25% of capacity the typical attendance without any restrictions?
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  5. Run Pincher

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    Febres is hurt. The extent I'm not sure. I've read everything from a couple of weeks to out for the season.

    I knew B12 defenses would clog the lane with a tight zone daring Texas to beat them with the 3. It worked for a while and then the 3's started falling. Thank you AJ for finally coming alive, and GB for the 3's finally falling too. That opened things up inside until the 3's stopped falling again allowing okie lite to make a come back. Fortunately we made the FT's and some help from a technical to secure a victory.

    I dread the day the 3's don't fall. Febres could certainly help when that happens, and it will at some point.
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  6. Joe Fan

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    Big 12 has 4 in the top 10
    WVU v. KU on Tues (I guess not even the FBI can stop Kansas BBall)

    1. Gonzaga
    2. Baylor
    3. Kansas
    4. Iowa
    5. Villanova
    6. Houston
    7. West Virginia
    8. Tennessee
    9. Wisconsin
    10. Texas
    11. Rutgers
    12. Michigan State
    13. Creighton
    14. Missouri
    15. Texas Tech

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  7. beijinghorn1

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    I will answer, great 8!
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    LHABSOB 500+ Posts

    I heard this is our first top 10 of the Shaka era. True? Hard not to get a bit excited about this team but damn the B12 is tough. Other than Ia St and K St, the other 8 all have legitimate shot at the NCAA tourney.
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  9. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    It's the highest I can recall since Barnes
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  10. bystander

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    That's pretty sick. There's some serious balling going on in a land where it once was that there were only two sports: Football and spring football.
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  11. FWHORN

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    Top to bottom Big XII is best basketball conference overall this year and that is why a top four finish by Texas would be a truly worthy accomplishment.
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  12. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Winebibber

    As I said...
    I imagine it is much more difficult for those "coach sucks" types to continue clinging to that narrative after today's performance vs KU.
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  13. yelladawgdem

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    You have met Texas fan's before haven't you? A large percentage would ***** about a blow job from a stranger.

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  14. Chop

    Chop 5,000+ Posts

    It’s real simple. All the fans who mistakenly thought Shaka and this team sucked, simply admit they were wrong, and join the victory parade. It’s not like they have to grovel or flagellate themselves before jumping on the bandwagon, or anything like that.

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  15. BevoJoe

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