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    I tried to watch the WS game today. After one inning of listening to the announcers gush over OU and their coach , I turned it off. OU had two on in the bottom of first and the batter took an obvious strike 3. The umpire called it a ball and she eventually walked. As she is running to first she displays very poor sportsmanship but the announcers just kept kissing OU’s ***! Some team needs to punch them in the mouth!
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    Texas is my school, always. But I am a sports fan. As a fan I admire the softball OU plays. They play the game the way its suppose to be played between the lines. They show good discipline at the plates. Don't chase bad pitches. The defense they play is top chelf. The way they play and the consistency that they win is exactly what I want for Texas Softball. We are getting there..Hookem:bevo:
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    I thought Tenn coach answer of the question about her reason of not start either of her aces today was suspect to say the least. Of course she has the right to coach as she see fit, I thought it was bad for our sport. It was as if she wasn't playing to win.
    With the game being shown on a major network, millions watching, I thought it was important that we show our game at its best. I guess time will tell if it was a good decision.
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    I promise I'm not defending this because Vol is in my name, just offering a different perspective. Maybe it was strategy. You just won the first game and are paired up with 53-1 two time defending national champion OU. The odds of winning are slim to none, so instead of getting a top pitchers psyche potentially destroyed, save them for the "easier" teams to potentially advance further and worry about OU if you can advance to the championship series.

    OU is head and shoulders better than any other team in America and we all know that including every other coach there. OU being this dominant (they are 169-8 in the last 3 years) is whats bad for this game not Tennessee just trying to figure out the best way to survive and advance as far as they can. Just my opinion.
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    Had the same thought. But then I considered the other side of the coin. Coaches are very competitive and you put your best out first because if you get knocked out at some time later in the loser's bracket you may never get to pitch your #1 against OU.
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