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    I love good photography, and especially old photos that give a nice glimpse into the past.

    If you enjoy old photos as well, check out the Twitter account of Jim Nicar (@JimNicar). He also blogs at The UT History Corner. Below are a few of his recent tweets with some fantastic old photos of the UT campus. It reminds you of the long history of our great university, its beautiful architecture, and how it all came to be what we know today.

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    This is great, also from Jim's Twitter account: Texas-OU 1916 ticket

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    In that top picture, I think that's me walking down the sidewalk! At least I feel that old some days....cool stuff Dionysus!!
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    check out that price for a ticket to the game in 1983! $18!! You can't even park for that now. My first Texas-OU game I went to, my Dad got a couple of tix for like 5 or 6 bucks in the '60s.
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    Damn you're old!
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    One-time Senator

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    If I was administrator, I would ban you for that!

    As I've said for years, she may not have invented it, but she certainly perfected it.
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    I was born old...
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    1945 — fans on the east side of the stadium, also from @JimNicar.

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    1944: In front of Goldsmith Hall, looking out from the West Mall toward the Drag. That's the original University Co-op bldg. From @JimNicar.

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    “Well, the foot ball fever has struck Austin at last,” declared the Austin Statesman in December 1893. For years, local citizens had been reading newspaper and magazine articles about a game called “foot ball” that had become wildly popular in the northeastern United States. “The game has taken a high place in the affections of the American undergraduate,” reported Century Magazine in 1887. “In the three colleges in which it is played most successfully, Yale, Harvard, and Princeton, the undergraduates would give up base-ball more willingly than foot-ball.” An Americanized version of the British sport rugby, spectacular contests between city or college teams drew enormous crowds. An annual Thanksgiving bout between Yale and Princeton had escalated to the point that it was played on neutral turf, at the Polo Grounds in New York City, in front of forty to fifty thousand spectators. Finally, on the sunny Saturday afternoon of December 16, 1893, the people of Austin were going to witness a genuine, bona-fide, actual-factual football game for themselves, as the University of Texas hosted the San Antonio Foot Ball Club.

    More here: jimnicar.com/2014/01/09/hullabaloo-uts-first-home-football-game/

    The 1893 University of Texas football team
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    Some really cool and interesting photos here. Keep 'em coming!!! :hookem:
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    Source: @JimNicar tweet

    1907 — 110 years ago — UT students built their first football stadium in one week and for under $800.

    Blog post at the UT History Corner: The One Week Stadium


    Above: Construction of the bleachers began on Wednesday, November 21st and was completed a week later, in time for the UT vs. A&M football game.

    Below: Second year law students finished a section of stands and gave it a test run.
    (Is that @BevoJoe chillin’ in the top right corner?)

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    Now an Ambassador.
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    You and JoeFan owe me a new laptop. That photo made me throwup on the keyboard and the sight of her blew up my Dell.

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    That Dell was going to blow up before long anyway :cool:
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    From personal experience - a unfortunate piece of history which was not started by any human intervention (like coffee or vomit).
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    Harley Clark (right, creator of the Hook’em hand sign) and the 1955 cheerleaders.

    From JimNicar.com

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    Dallas architect Herbert Greene’s initial design for a new football stadium appeared on postcards across the state and was used to solicit funds for construction. Memorial Stadium was built and dedicated in 1924, though costs never permitted the completion of the ambitious Italianate facade.

    From JimNicar.com: Postcards 1: 1900–1920s

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    1927: The view from a north window of Garrison Hall, home of the History Department. Across is Battle Hall, and Old Main to the right.

    From @JimNicar

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    ^^^ believe that is Todd Dodge holding the calendar... not sure about the other dudes.
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    One on the right is Brent Duhon. Other two are the two RBs from Port Arthur that signed. As I recall, Fred had a couple of more off that team that went juco and transferred in. If I am not mistaken, that Port Arthur team had something like 8 or 9 receivers, including RBs that wound up in D-1, including Shea Walker, who succeeded Todd as QB and went to The Cesspool on the Brazos.
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    Wasn't Bill Boy Bryant the other WR that played with Duhon?
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    Believe you're correct sir.
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    When a virgin walks by the horses will fly! :coolnana:
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