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    Yeah, that design isn't just plainly phallic. It's phallic encased in a ribbed condom.
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    Remember the words of J Frank Dobie regarding The Tower
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    DKR: "Ok Willie, I'll let you pick which plays I run against A&M if you let me pick your song list for the next 4th of July picnic."
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    1902: The auditorium of UT’s Old Main, decked out in red, white, and blue for a Texas Independence Day observance. With 1,500 seats, it was sometimes used for football rallies, though women had to sit and watch upstairs. Yelling at a rally was then considered “unladylike.”

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    1920: It’s the UT Longhorn Band!! Decked out in bright orange fez hats with white tassels and “Ts” on the front. Look close - there’s a marching bassoon player on the second row, third from right.

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    Now those are some interesting band outfits!

    Could they be modeled after bellboys at the hotel for the Shriners convention?

    Dion, with your permission, I'll cross-post this photo in the Band and Cheer Stuff thread.
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    One of the lawyers in our firm (who earned his JD at UT Law and his undergrad at Michigan) complained to me last summer that the LHB uniforms never change and need to be replaced “with something more modern.” I replied that the trim and the fit of the LHB uniforms are changed from time to time (the shape of the Stetsons, switching from string ties to bolo ties, etc.) but most likely they are never going to abandon the western style. I went on to tell him that the LHB uniforms are one of the most iconic and instantly recognized among college bands (the others being USC, tOSU, and possibly Texas Tech). No way the LHB is going to throw that away and go to uniforms that look like Iowa's or Alabama's but with different colors. The LHB is not going to look like all the other bands.
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    Of course, you don’t need permission to post this stuff elsewhere
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    1966: On another 100-degree Austin day, the image of a snow-filled UT stadium may help to think cool. Longhorn football season starts in one month!

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    Folks at Barton Springs pool in Austin, circa 1917. Little did they realize that, 100 years later, folks would still be dipping into those awesome waters to cool off. Actor Robert Redford learned to swim at Barton Springs, by the way.

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