Oldies vs. Newbies game

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by racerx5908, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. racerx5908

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    I've been seeing Fran's update about getting in shape for the exes scrimmage against the current team that they have each year. I can't remember if that game is invite only or open to the public? Anyone remember? I wonder if Jamie will be playing?
  2. Rexy

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    I think the alumni game will be open to public, but I am not absolutely sure. I would expect Jamie to play
  3. BabHorn

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    huh. haven't heard of that game, where the alumni play the current team. Usually, it's the alumni splitting into two teams. That one I know of. That's usually after a practice before the game that is on alumni weekend. Usually open to the public although they haven't really worked at publicizing it in the past.

    The alumni versus the current players would be neat to watch. I would bet the alumni would be very physical with our current players.
  4. racerx5908

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    They posted on their Facebook account that the Texas vs. Ex's game will be 1/28 at 2:00 pm at the Erwin Center.
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    thanks, racer. I don't do facebook so I do miss info posted there.
  6. racerx5908

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    Yeah, I've been invited in the past to view the scrimmage at Cooley (never been) and I've have not been invited and found out they had it based on Facebook updates. The thing that was bugging me is that Fran has these weekly updates documenting how she was getting back in shape for the game and showing exercising and sweating in short videos. I finally posted and said, "And will be able to actually see the scrimmage or is it private?" Others chimed in with "yeah, me too!" And then a day later they announce it will be at the Erwin this Saturday. I know it's not practical, but I always thought they should have a scrimmage like 2 hours before an afternoon game so even more people already coming into the city could see the scrimmage. I'm curious to see if my all time favorite point guard Jamie Carey still has "it".
  7. yelladawgdem

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    Would love to see Clarissa un-burn some bridges. I am a stubborn *** old man and will always say she is the greatest women's player I have ever seen. So don't even try.

    Old white man out.
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    If Linda Waggoner will play, I will be there. I'd like to see her get 3 points for all those long distance 2's she made. So many that would be fun to see -- Clarissa, Tiffany Jackson, Kamie, Andrea Lloyd, Stacy S., Heather S., Annette Smith, Hattie Browning, Nell and Fran. Just goes on and on.
  9. racerx5908

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    For those of you who don't do "the Facebook".
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