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    I'm surprised they isn't a thread yet!

    I think the weather has sucked for winter games and has affected the overall consistency of the top performers. In this scenario it's really about who gets lucky to hit the right place at the right time when you're talking about a fraction of a second from first to tenth in most outdoor events.

    So far the US has under performed in traditionally strong events, has dominated in new former X games events and has surprised in some events we haven't historically excelled. I feel disappointed so far even though we're in the top three in medal counts.

    Here's to the US finishing the final days strong!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    If we could include every type of X game event, we would rule.
    Disappointing women's hockey today. Ugh.
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    How do you have a 2-0 lead with three to go and lose 3-2? That has to be the worst collapse in sports history especially with gold on the line.
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    Vol, perfect example of playing not to lose. US quit attacking on offense and defense. Bad, very bad.
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    And the Canadians complete the job by drumming the men's team, as well. Maybe we should bring back Manifest Destiny of the North.
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    We need to make up some more of those California winter sports before we start getting dominated again by the old eastern block and the great white north.

    The Link

    When in doubt "South Park" usually has an answer.
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    Now the Dutch spout off too.
    The Link

    I think this guy should lead a delegation to the Crenshaw basketball courts and tell them they should quit basketball and take up speed skating.

    Then if any of them are still alive they should head down to Dallas Carter High and tell the football players there that football sucks and they should play a real sport like speed skating and go round and round in circles for hopefully a bronze, silver, or gold medal.

    Then they pull out their speed skating medals and show them to the players. Before they take those medals and sell them on the street. The players tell them that they know many "playa's" in the hood with more and better "bling" than that.

    Also for the record ask this guy if he has noticed the new interest by American track athletes in bobsled lately and how they are improving each Olympics and now winning medals.

    You really don't want American athletes to gain an interest in this kind of sport because they will probably excel in it if they do.

    Meanwhile the athlete's that are really good at those silly sports like American football can either make millions signing pro contracts or go skate around in circles.
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  9. NBHorn7

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    Ask a poverty stricken kid or really any American kid that is not born with a silver spoon in his mouth which he would rather have.

    A chance at Olympic medals in a sport that nobody thinks about in the United States except maybe every four years.

    A guaranteed contract in America's most popular sport that will ensure financial security for you and your family for the rest of your life, unless you do stupid things with your money.

    It's very relevant and even prudent when the subject is life in it's entirety and the welfare of your loved ones.
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    This represent the good ole USA instead of money is also untrue today. That hockey team everybody was so caught up in is made up of NHL players as are all the good teams and the "Dream Team" basketball team has been NBA players for years.

    Soccer is the same way. Nearly every big sport is played now by pro athletes.

    So lots of athletes represent the good ole USA and make money hand over fist doing it or already making big bucks.

    It's the Olympics that changed because they were afraid of becoming unimportant if they didn't include pro athletes.

    They sold out that old Olympic spirit of athletes that train in their spare time and then compete. That is reserved now for only minor sports.

    The medal winning track athletes make good money in pro track meets and the figure skaters in Ice Shows.

    Phelps and Sean White all make good coin from the Olympic medals. The X games got all these events into the Olympics while baseball and softball are not played.

    Countries pay cash rewards for winning medals now. The only amatuer status anymore is in sports nobody can figure out how to make a buck on by making it into a year long sporting event with prize money or by selling it as entertainment like ice shows.

    None of this went on back when anybody over fifty years of age were kids. That is the reality of the Olympics now.

    Also athletes were not making millions back then in any sport. As late as the early 1970's many pro football players had another job besides football.

    Now the refs make way more money than most players made then in the NFL.

    The Olympics are very political by the way and ruled by the dollar, yen, mark, lira, ruble, dinar, or whatever currency you want to choose. They chose to make it that way to stay relevant. That's just the way it is now.

    There was no choice between making millions in pro sports or possible Olympic glory when I was a kid because it didn't exist. That's a pretty good reason nobody took all that money and represented the USA because there was no million dollar contracts to take. If there had been, they would have taken the money.

    Now kids play whatever sport they are in like baseball, football, basketball, and even soccer year round. They don't play any other sport period. That also didn't use to happen.

    So maybe if they ever want to do some Olympic sport they can get into bobsled after their NFL career and after they have secured financial freedom as I said for themselves and their family. Achieving that is winning a "Gold Medal" in the game of life.
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    While I disagree about football, his underlying point is correct. Americans, as a whole, care about speedskating 2 weeks every four years.
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    "Saturday Night Live has depicted President Dilma Rousseff saying blithely that Brazil just needs to "take 1 million poo-poos out of the river."

    ".... The Rio sewage utility has long been among Brazil’s biggest bureaucratic disasters -- federal police are investigating it for fraud
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    So what are we looking at exactly? Is there land anywhere in that picture? Where does the water, sewage etc start and end?
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    I can see it
    but here is another shot


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    The bigger news of Texas fans is Michelle Carter qualified in the shot-put.
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    2016 Olympics have started with US playing womens soccer
    Every time US goalie touches the ball (Hope Solo) the Brazilians are booing her
    All bc she tweeted out this pic

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    They also chanted, "Zi-ka" when she cleared any ball.
    Hope had a great response in a post-game interview. She said that she was happy to see the crowd getting involved, and would rather play in a loud stadium than a quiet one.
    So there, people of Brazil. Save your boos for the game when Hope Solo turns in another clean sheet! (if you make it that far)
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    I admire the spirit, and they did seem to be having fun with it.
    But, seems like a weird thing to have a chant about.
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    Australia has taken the early lead

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    peak a boo missing sink

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    Wow. That’s a great look at the evolution of the event. Amazing what these athletes can do.
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    American female with a gun wins first gold
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