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    The little hop at the end does it for me.
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    F Brazil. I hope there is major fallout for this. But you cannot suck blood from a stone. Any cabbie knows he will be killed if he comes forward. The cops and government are as bad as any criminal so they likely fear for their safety as well as their family. Duh!
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    Pretty good Olympic-badminton-related rant
    Obviously made before American kids were taken over by their cell phones

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    Wow. Not smart.
    They are going to wish they had that one back.
    Brazil is already on the defensive about crime; a high-profile false report that defames their tourism reputation will not be waved off.
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    Everyone was drunk and it was after 2 in the morning - what could go wrong?

    All we can hope for now is the sanctions that will probably be coming from FINA and the USOC on the 2 Texas guys will not interfere their NCAA competition 2016-2017.
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    in my most personal view, RYAN LOCHTE, JACK CONGER, and the other two swimmers are now a NATIONAL DISGRACE! they should immediately be held accountable for their most shocking, uncalled for, and stunning international actions. i cannot help but think about all of the kids, teens, young adults, and even us adults, that would KILL just to be able to walk a mile in their olympic shoes... and this is what they now have to show for it?

    each one of them should now be made to present the city of RIO and the UNITED STATES a very solemn and sincere public apology. one can only pray that these profound dishonest actions of these swimmers, does not have any adverse implications towards los angeles's quest to acquire the 2024 games.....

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    We should probably wait until all the facts are available.
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    I think he is MBA student - McCombs
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    Brasil must hope that this somehow deflects from the mass murders that go on down there, the horrific rape rate, the copious amount of robberies and carjackings (the list goes on and on and on) and just how scummy their big cities really are. Sorry, Bra, no go.
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    Yes snek, but the drunk college boys from the US gave them a chance to distract the world. Now instead of talking about the pitiful daily life the Brazilian government has laid on its people, all the entire world can talk about are the Stupid 4.

    I know the USOC CEO personally, and I can guarantee you that heads will roll as payment for him to have to sign that statement issued yesterday.
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    I thought Goodwin made the USA team in the long jump. Am I mistaken?
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    "Completely average skier works the system and lands a spot in the Olympics"


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