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    I can’t seem to find 8 team bracket for CWS. Anyone know the other 2 teams in our bracket besides piggy?
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    Our side of the bracket.
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    Gators and Red Raiders!

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    All Big XII/SEC
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    Brackets by conference

    Bracket 1
    PAC 12 — Oregon State, Washington
    ACC — North Carolina
    SEC — Mississippi State

    Bracket 2
    Big 12 — Texas, Texas Tech
    SEC — Arkansas, Florida

    1.png 2.png
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    Can someone explain why two Big 12 teams are in the same bracket?
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    Guess this image was created before the Florida-Auburn game wrapped up.

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    Because the two Big 12 on the left side of the bracket won and the three Big 12 teams on the right side of the bracket lost and did not make it this far.

    It is like the NCAA baskeball tournament. The bracket is set from the beginning and it depends on who wins.

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    I wrote this on CWS thread:

    Bracket is set from very beginning of tournament. Texas is 13 seed and is now in regular slot for fifth seed and is playing Arkansas the four seed. Florida is one seed, Tech is nine seed and is now in Georgia's spot for 8th seed. NCAA actually seeded this side of bracket to be an all SEC party in Omaha but the Big XII busted that party up (with an assist from the ACC and Ohio Valley who actually beat Ole Miss and Georgia). Like the basketball brackets there is no reseeding after each round.

    That said, the strongest team thus far has been Oregon State who are on other side of bracket. Texas has seen Arkansas and Texas Tech already and Florida has not been a dominant one seed. The Texas side of bracket is wide open with Arkansas the likely favorite but any of four teams advancing would not be a surprise.
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