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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by NRHorn, Sep 26, 2022.

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    LMBO :)
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    I am already believing he is an upgrade from Dicker, as long as we leave Dicker's punting abilities out of the conversation.
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    in constant sorrow all through my days!
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    So it's about injuries? So how can tech win with the 2nd string QB and their best LB in the stands with a broken leg? I would bet they have other injuries too.
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    Did not know Mike Livingston played @ castleberry. Cool
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    I'm really hoping we can lay the hammer on OU this year. So far 16 games into the Sark regime, he still doesn't have a marquee win.
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    Man, I haven't heard that name in years.
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    Agree . . . the program has sunk pretty low over the past 13 seasons. After the loss to Bama in the NCG, Mack posted a 5-7 record in the 2010 season and the best he produced was a 9-4 season in 2012 before retiring, but causing a **** storm regarding his payout due to our interest in Saban which resulted in Strong being HC who produced 3 straight losing seasons followed by Herman's four years with (including bowl games) one - 10 win season, one - 8 win and two 7 win seasons.

    We have produced only one 10 win season since Mac had a team play for the NC . . . not good, to say the least.

    Can Sark turn this thing around? Maybe . . . the O looks somewhat better, and the D needs more work but has "potential" - (and we all know what that means). "His Recruits" are all pretty much frosh, with the exception of a few transfers. So, another couple of years should give us a good idea of his teams' capabilities. Still, 7 or 8 win seasons and crapping the bed against teams like Tech, Kansas, and so on, won't cut it. We'll see what he can produce once all the guys he inherited have moved on.
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    Good article and I like Ian Boyd, but I think that he is being unjustifiably optimistic.

    “They’re 2-2 rather than 3-1 or 4-0 due to bad luck and injuries more than any other factor.”

    Until they can do it in the field, I must remain in the “show me” mode. I’ve heard it too many times.
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    Yeah I don’t credit or blame the Tech loss on ‘bad luck’.
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    I haven’t heard Castleberry HS mentioned on HF or Mike Richardson until the above. I played against Mike in both football and baseball. Mike was a year older and 20 lb’s heavier. I was an outside linebacker. Mike was a tough runner. I had to “tackle” him repeatedly in his senior (my junior) season game. This consisted of me blasting him as hard as I could which resulted in me holding on for dear life while sliding down his leg as he pulled me down the field until a few of my teammates arrived to help me get the sombitch down.
    In baseball he was their short stop. In our game against Castleberry that same year I tried to steal 2nd. He took the throw at the bag before I even started my slide. I was out by a mile. As a parting gift Mike stepped on both my legs (yes he had steel cleats on) but luckily no blood was drawn.
    He was a tough competitor and I felt nothing but respect for him. Saw him play his last HS game (play offs) at Amon Carter stadium against a tough west Texas bunch. Don’t remember the school. Mike made his yards in that game too.
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