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    So is my youngest son, though he is a rising Junior. I like the school a lot.
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    ^Sangre, I'm with you. My granddaughter loves UNT. She made the right choice for her. It's far enough from home (Alvarado) that she gets out of the house for college, and close enough that she can drive home to visit some weekends. And she likes the classwork and is doing pretty well.

    BTW, since she came into my life as a 14-year-old when my youngest married her mom, I didn't have time to do a 529 for her (as I did for the two youngest grandkids), so I'm just feeding her some cash every month - it helps reduce the dependence on student loans and parent loans.
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    One reason I continue to work where I do is that my company has a foundation set up at UNT. Any employee with 3+ years of service is eligible to have their children attend UNT, and as long as they maintain a 3.25 or higher GPA, the company scholarship pays 100% for four years. Room and board, every last penny. It has been a major blessing for my family and both my sons. (My daughter attends Sam Houston, so I didn't get to go 3 for 3, but that's OK!)

    Anything that allows the kids to focus on being a student in place of worrying about finances is a definite help. I'm sure your granddaughter is extremely grateful for your help.
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