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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by DFW_Horn, Jun 7, 2023.

  1. DFW_Horn

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    I know this type of position has been mentioned in several other threads so rather than try to find them all, created a new thread for:

    Director, Strategic Brand Development


    Develop and lead programming to successfully enhance Texas Women’s Basketball student-athlete personal brands. Educate Women’s Basketball student-athletes’ understanding of NIL, personal brands, and market value. Facilitate connections with student-athletes and community members to promote community engagement and student-athlete brand building.

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  2. Born in ATX

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    Someone from the athletic dept. is reading our board. Lol.
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  3. Born in ATX

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    Nice discussion of current state of NIL (and specifically what Texas is doing), just posted yesterday:
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  4. brnkj

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    Yeah, and hopefully they make a quick hire because we need to GET BUSY. Whatever the strategy is, it better be good! I can't believe the UT athletic department has allowed other schools get out in front of us on this.
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  5. HornView

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    Certainly not the case for the football program
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  6. DFW_Horn

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    I haven't seen anything indicating Rosemary Ragle has left UT so the position I saw the other day may just be a 2nd position dedicated to WBB. I noticed Ragle's title is "Associate Athletic Trainer" while the job posting is for "Assistant Athletic Trainer".

    Assistant Athletic Trainer, Women's Basketball
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  7. DFW_Horn

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    Vic also brought in a new grad assistant, Brennan Dumas.

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  8. DFW_Horn

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    Ok. Seems Rosemary Ragle did leave - she's no longer listed on the Staff Directory but there isn't a new designated WBB trainer yet and that Assistant posting dropped off the jobs site a while ago.

    BTW - the Strategic Brand Development Director position? Still open after 30 days. I know Vic has his tediously long 'process' with assistant hires but this position being open this long is ridiculous. Other coaches can compensate for a short staff on the court but this is a very different skill set and players are very likely missing out on NIL/$ opportunities with every passing day.
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  9. Born in ATX

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    Highly AGREE! Especially with press announcements like the one below. This may not result in any real meaningful change in NIL for female athletes at lSu, but the mere hype behind this will just give Darth mUlkey more fodder in recruiting. VIC needs to get our NIL position filled asap if he wants to compete for high-level players.
  10. Born in ATX

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    And remember, mUlkey's NIL hack is just a former asst. coach that she rebranded "the Director of Player Personnel and Influence". Please. Give me a break. Everyone already has a Player Personnel Director, but that isn't what you really need for NIL.
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  11. DFW_Horn

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    :soapbox:...still open.

  12. DFW_Horn

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    They updated the Staff listing at the bottom of the roster. The Brand Development position has yet to be filled but:
    • Seems they've officially replaced Trainer Rosemary Ragle with Cheyanne Goyen. She was previously the trainer for Rice T&F.
    • Confirmation of Brennan Dumas and Mason Wright as new Grad Assistants, joining Ryan Yablonsky. I may be wrong but I'm fairly sure this is the first time Vic's had more than 1 at Texas.
    • They added each of the managers to the Support Staff section. I don't know that I've seen that done before but a cool way to acknowledge them for all the work they do behind the scenes to keep things humming.
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  13. Born in ATX

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    Nice that they've done that for the managers. Still don't know why they can't get the Brand Development position filled. mulkey literally put one of her former bailer asst coach cronies in that position and retitled her position to sound like she fit the role. The are some big prospects for '24 and '25 and if we whiff on them, it won't be pretty when we get to the SEC.
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  14. Jacob Johnson

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    Honestly Sydney Carter would be great for that role. In terms of coaches she is the most marketable one out there. She almost has 1M followers on Instagram and constantly goes viral. It’s I would have her fill the position or at least have a hand in it.
  15. Moooooo

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    I like this title . . .

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  16. DFW_Horn

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    Kind of shocked this wasn't the title at USF all along - their roster has probably averaged 75% international players since Fernandez became HC. This year? 80% (12/15) are from outside the US. His 3 US players are 2 seniors and a redshirt junior so they could get to 100% international quickly.
  17. DFW_Horn

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