Opinions on 60min election special tonight

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Uninformed, Sep 23, 2012.

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    What are your opinions on how your candidate and the opposing candidate performed tonight on 60 Min? Regardless of my opinion on the follow-up questions asked, I thought Romney answered the questions pretty well with thoughtful answers and without stuttering. I thought he came off very intelligent. Obama, came off intelligent: I had heard the answers before. However, he kind of stumbled his way through questions where he couldn't give a canned response. He did a good job of attacking Congress without making himself look mean or incompetent.
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    So BO couldn't use a Teleprompter? If he only stumbled a little that is a miracle.
  3. Uninformed

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    Actually, Obama seemed a bit off on the ME.
    Not sure he should have answered "If Romney want's a war, just say it" or something to that effect. Seemed to strike a nerve. ME embassies suffer planned terrorist attacks on 9/11 and he really didn't tell the truth about his failure to protect them or what he is doing about it. His answers seemed a bit off.
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    BO, you have it flip-flopped. Remember the reports about the Boehner-Obama negotiations for the debt ceiling? Whenever there would be an agreement Obama would push for more and more. He doesn't negotiate. He demands. If you don't comply he gets pissed off and throws a fit.
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    And his 60 Min. answer was that he needs to do a better job of taking the argument to the American people. IMO, that is not how you negotiate: Typically, you want a win:win - not a my way or the highway approach. Anyway, I know my opinion on BO's and Romney's answers, I want to know yours.
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    Did anyone notice the angles of the filming? Romney was always shown very close up, which almost made him look angry. Obama had a few close ups, but most of his interview showed him sitting in a chair, crossing his legs, crossing his arms, which made him appear to be very relaxed. Ironically, if the sound was turned off, one might think that Obama nailed the interview and Romney was spacy, when in reality it was the other way around.

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