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    Texas (4-0) and OSU (2-2) meet in Austin on Tuesday at 7 pm. OSU is 1-1 on the road and is coming off an 86-50 loss to BU at Stillwater. The Cowgirls were unable to stop Baylor’s bigs as Brown went off for 17 pts (4-6 FGs; 90- FTs), Cox had 13 (6-15 FGs, 1-1 3pter, 0-1 FTs), Mompremier scored 12 (5-8 FGs, 2-4 FTs) and Cave added 8 pts (3-7 FGs, 2-2 FTs). Davis had only 7 pts but only played 14 minutes. That’s 57 of the BU 86 from five posts.

    OSU does have some good size inside but 6-4 Jr. Kaylee Jensen is the starter and averaging a double double (20.5 ppg & 10.8 rpg). Mandy Coleman, 6-3 Jr., is Jensen’s partner in the frontcourt and is averaging 9.0 ppg and 6.5 ppg. All stats are Big 12 only. From the box score and play by play, looks like both Jensen (4-16 FGs) and Coleman (2-8 FGs) had trouble finishing shots inside against BU-lots of missed layups. Kelsey and Joyner should present different but similar problems for OSU. Plus, I don’t think they have anyone to really matchup with Joyner at the four.

    OSU plays eight players but relies primarily on their starters who play 28 to 35 mpg. Texas’ starters average 24 to 33 mpg. OSU has three primary posts, Jensen, Coleman and Jentry Holt, a 6-3 Soph. F who averages 9 mpg. LaTashia Jones, a 6-2 Soph, has played in 3 games, averaging 13 mpg. Horns will counter inside with Kelsey and Joyner. Khaléann (10 mpg) and Jordan (9 mpg) are also available. Hopefully, Audrey-Ann, averaging 15 mpg before her injury, will soon be available. OSU’s backcourt backups are two freshmen: Areanna Combs and Rodrea Echols. Both Diana Omozee, Sr. G, from Pflugerville and Alexes Bryant, Fr. F, from San Antonio, should have a good group of supporters Tuesday.

    This should be a tough battle inside as Kelsey and Jensen rank one-two in rebounding. Neither team is outstanding from the FT line as OSU is hitting 65.8% and Texas 61.3%

    The game will on the Longhorn Network at 7 pm Tuesday.
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    Favorite stat - 10 turnovers (zero in the first quarter)
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    Joyner and Kelsey combined to go 5-25 while the guards and twins shot 50% from 3. The defense they played on Jensen was very nice though - she scored 10 points (half her average) on 19 attempts.
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    We're a good team. Great defense. Atkins and McCarty are still the only reliable game-after-game big time shooters. Holmes is terrific but erratic. If she ever hits mid range jumpers consistently, she will reach greatness. That alone would make UT competitive at Final Four level. Lately Sutton has shot pretty well, though inconsistent earlier in season. If she could fulfill her potential as a big time scorer, which I think she might, that would put us up there, too. So far Khaleann and Audrey Ann have not shot very well or played that many minutes (partially due to injury). If they played up to their advertised three point capability, it would open our offense up tremendously, but it hasn't happened yet. If if if...It would be great if any of that happened in next three months, but there's not much time.
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    Poor free-throw shooting will bite you eventually. That's GOT to improve!
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    Love the Defense.
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    Happy for the decisive win. Great defensive effort all the way around. But that is a very bad OSU team; probably the weakest I have seen in a decade. We could have won by 50 if our shooting was better; our shot selection was fine.

    If the coaching staff told Joyner Holmes to shoot nothing but layups, she'd score at least 7 baskets every game as she'd work even harder down low. But, I know she wants to improve her mid-range game, so she hast to shoot during the game.

    Ariel did not shoot well. Stayed out of foul trouble, but just couldn't find the bottom of the basket last night. Pretty much the same for Brianna, even though shooting is not her strength. If she's not driving to basket, she just isn't gonna score much. So, that's two starters who combined for 7 points; and, it wasn't due to limited minutes.

    Jordan Hosey continues to fall further down the bench. Not sure if she's been hampered by an injury, but she has already been surpassed by Jada Underwood (even though Jada missed a few games with the concussion protocol).

    Lashann is still up and down. But, she is a natural slasher and scorer, and can occasionally hit the mid-range jumper when in the flow of the game.

    I've said this before, but the 2015 signees (Hosey, Higgs, and Aborowa) are probably gonna remain backups who get limited minutes for the rest of their Texas careers. They have athletic ability and skills, but they seem to lack the confidence and "attitude" needed to establish themselves as starters.

    Very please with Alecia Sutton's play last night. Her shooting form looks picture perfect to me, especially on her free throws. Hope she continues to gain confidence and strength.
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    really surprising as I expected Jordan to make a big impact. LaShann looks to be on the way to be a very solid player in the rotation. I keep wondering why Jordan is playing the post. I had thought she would be playing the SF once all the bigs in this 2016 class came in.

    Poor shooting game but, as Moooooo mentioned, the shot selection was good. Just couldn't finish like we normally do. Hopefully, we won't have that kind of game again. Maybe it was something in the air because OSU also missed a bunch of shots they would normally make. But there was never any question that we were the better team.

    WVU will be out for blood at their place after dropping a stunner to Tech tonight.
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    Ditto. Maybe she's stuck in the "tweener" land - not quite quick enough for a wing but not quite big enough for a post? That can have an upside too, where she's tough to match up with because she's stronger than opposing wings but quicker than opposing posts (like PJ Tucker was on the men's side a while back).
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    Hosey's problem is simple---no offensive flair. She'd be fine if she was 6-3 and could stay around the basket; and she'd play a lot as a 4 or 3 if she could shoot from outside, but she never has.
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    Alecia's potential really came through last night, more than I have seen before. I think she may be a great player before it is said and done, and bring us some much needed points. I wish Joyner's mid range jumper would fall. She's got everything else. I watched Baylor earlier and saw Cox for the first time. She and Joyner have nothing in common. She is a true post, huge and not fast or quick. But, at this point, her shooting touch looks better than Holmes'.
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