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    Six of 10 teams are now sitting at 1 and 1.

    Texas -- Lost at home to TCU in a tight game. Went on the road and won at Ames, always a challenge for the Horns.
    TCU -- Won for the first time in Austin (?), only to go home and lose to Texas Tech, a team who has been at the bottom of the Big 12 for many years now.
    Iowa State -- Put up 96 points in Lubbock for a decisive win over Texas Tech. Went home and lost to the up and down Texas Longhorns.
    Oklahoma -- Had the misfortune to open Big 12 at home against Baylor. Took the expected beating. Got back up, went to Stillwater for a last second come from behind victory.
    Oklahoma State -- Was running the slow-it down offense tonight as they thought they were cruising in for the win. Uh, oh. Lost in the final seconds to OU. Previously, the Cowgirls beat Kansas in the home opener.

    That leaves Baylor and West Virginia in front. West Virginia is now 2-0, though they did not really start to pull away from Kansas tonight until late in the third. Baylor, currently 1-0, will take a round off from Big 12 play to play at Connecticut tomorrow night.

    The Kansas teams start out in the rear. Kansas State, 0-1, also takes this mid-week round off. Kansas starts at 0-2, again.
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    Thanks for the summary. Very interesting
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    That's the Big XII for you... pretty much every season with a clear-cut second-place team occasionally.
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    Last night Texas Tech and Baylor went into the fourth quarter tied. Baylor managed to find another gear in the fourth and sprinted away for a big finish. That is the danger of a team like Tech that has a bombs away offense but not much defense. Those teams rarely win it all but they can upset almost anyone on any given night. Will be interesting to see if Tech can build on this year. They lose Brewer inside.
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