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    I watched that in disbelief. I kept waiting for Shane to hurry things up but he never did. That was both the coaches fault and Shane's fault.
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    So is that where Mehringer landed?
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  4. Chop

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    Did anybody see that throwback pass to Buchele in the endzone. Incomplete. Cool play though.
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  5. Chop

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    Cincy really put a lot of pressure on Buchele. His protection has always been a lot better than tonight.
  6. Statalyzer

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    Only 1 touchdown on 6 red zone possessions for SMU.

    They made a mistake kicking the FG on 4th and 2 from the 6 when it was 28-10. That's not the situation to use up your 4th down leeway. Sure enough, they had to go for it on 4th and longer the next couple of times.

    Although with this defense it won't matter much. Bearcats just trying to burn clock but bust out a 90 yard touchdown run, followed by a 40 yard touchdown run the next time they get the ball back. 42-13 now and Cincinnati has rushed for over 300 yards for the game.
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    All around butt whoopin in University Park tonight. Cincy shut down the ponies’ offense (especially in the red zone) and hung 42 points on Shane’s pals. Bad night for SMU. As you pointed out above, odd coaching decisions (and time management) added to the ponies’ problems.

    It’s like both DFW head coaches, Patterson and Dykes, had coaching brain gas today.
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    I know people love Shane around here...And I'm happy he has found a home in The Park and will likely get an NFL shot...And I'm all for SMU being good...Grew up following them some and they arent too far from my backyard...
    But let's be real...SMU plays nobody and very often barely beats some of those nobodies.
  9. Chop

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    Hey!!! Bubble bursting when it comes to Shane is not permitted.
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  10. Chop

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    10/24 Takeaways

    Mack’s Tarheels are still really good and may challenge for the ACC title (where Clemson will clean their clock).

    The Mullet is quietly edging forward towards a possible conference title. Our D had better watch that old DKR tackling film again before we face the Pokes and Chuba Hubbard.

    Shane and his ponies are fun to watch and cheer on, but they’re not top 10 material.

    Patterson has his off days. Just not against us.

    This aOSU team kicks a$$ on the field. Most likely team to break the Bama -Clemson joint dynasty.

    Michigan finally looks like Michigan again. If anyone can challenge the mighty Bucks, it’s Michigan. Harbaugh is doing what he was brought in to do.

    Nebraska has the meanest, nastiest, hardest hitting safety in the game —Williams.

    FSU isn’t special. They just caught Mack on a bad day last week.

    BYU is pretty darn good against inferior competition. Romney is their QB. (Distant relative)

    Come sunshine or shadow, the Irish will be there.

    Penn St will struggle and suffer multiple conference defeats. The corrupt Big ten refs will cheat for them over the weaker teams. That’s what happened at the end of the game against Indiana.

    The Bib 12 is still full of plenty of mediocre teams with dangerous offenses. See TT v WVU.

    KU is off the charts terrible.
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  11. Duck Dodgers

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    Good summary.

    The Mullet has a good team this year, but will probably still lose to OU as they always do. But with 2 losses by OU already, there's plenty of wide open space for other teams to make the B12 game.

    Ohio State looks good, as usual. Between them, Bama who rolled, Clemson who rolled, the playoff race is for the 4th spot.

    FSU is terrible, really, really bad. Which is good.

    Probably not a lot of drama for the rest of the year - Clemson, Bama, and OSU should roll to their conference title games and win. One of the three may stumble between then but it probably won't affect the overall picture. They'll rely, rightly, on their history of being good and the polls won't punish them too much for a random loss.

    B12 is wide open, in a Champion of the Pierce Elevated Highway bum camp type of way. Depressingly, OU probably puts things together and wins it all again this year. Even with two losses they should be able to control their own fate and get into the B12 game if they win out.
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  12. Chop

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    Agree on first 3 likely playoff contenders:


    For the fourth spot, keep an eye on the Irish and Michigan. After that, I dunno, maybe Oregon, Pokes if they were to win out (probably won’t happen). BYU is a dark horse.
  13. MUCHO

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    Personally, I don’t think BYU’s schedule is strong enough to merit serious consideration. I also think Okie St. will win Big 12 though get knocked out of playoff consideration by OU. (Of course, I’ve thought that about Okie St. before only to watch them lose a game they had no business losing.)
  14. Duck Dodgers

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    Georgia is going to be hurt by their regular season loss to Bama. If they win out but lose again, little interest in them getting pushed into the playoff. Third time the charm?

    A loss by Bama would on the other hand, put Ga in the playoff in that scenario, as well as Bama.

    Maybe a one loss Michigan.

    Watch, OU will go on a run, and win the B12 and get the 4th spot, to be run out again as usual.
  15. Statalyzer

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    If the Big Ten refs were conspiring like that, wouldn't they have just overturned the 2xp in overtime?
  16. Joe Fan

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    A bettor risked $17.72 today that the Cowboys 1st drive would result in a safety.
    He won $1,789.72

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  17. Joe Fan

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    Kind of weird, given that Piglet left our conference in 1992

  18. SabreHorn

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    For the fans, that's true. They want to play Texas every year. Texas fans traveled to Fayetteville. NOBODY from Alabama, KnoxVegas, Florida, and very few from Mississippi or Louisiana travel to XNA for a game. They have NO rival.

    Coach Broyles moved the Hogs to the SEC for money, and they needed it at that time. They enjoy the SEC cash, but with Johnny Tyson, John Hunt, the mattress guy, the Murphy brothers, and a few others, they are now on more firm footing.

    However, now, Arkansas is no longer the marquee name they were in the 60s, principally because they can't recruit Texas. If there was a brain cell in Las Colinas, the Pigs would make a solid addition to the Big XII. Their largest alumni chapters are Dallas and Houston. OU and oSu are a relatively short drive (and $2.85 toll) from Washington County.

    After the way Bowelsby blew the FSU/Clemson deal, I can only imagine the fiasco he would create trying to add an SEC school.
  19. LonghornDave

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    I agree that Arkansas fans feel that way even though Arkie, and to a lesser extent, aggie have not been great since aggie got to SEC. There game is always won by AnM but largely only provides an easy win before the yearly aggie crash.
    I hated Arkansas more than OU or anyone when I attended Texas and drove to Ark twice while I was in school. Several times since then, including 2005. The hate was real. Wish we played them every year. (and OU, ND, and USC) Dare to dream Longhorn Dave...
  20. Statalyzer

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    We don't have time for everybody who thinks we're a big rival of theirs....
  21. Duck Dodgers

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    Or them to us! If TCU wins next year to put a 2-8 cap on the last ten years (!) the biting chat from their fan(s) would be "We're not rivals!".
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  22. MUCHO

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    I’m not sure we were ever significant rivals of TCU or vice versa. Our overall record against them is 63–27–1, and in my mind they’ve never really outgrown Coach Royal’s assessment of them. Also, I don’t think 10 years is enough to make a rivalry or not make a rivalry. But all of this makes me miss the SWC. Have never liked the Big 12, and always felt that the conference was ill-conceived.
  23. Duck Dodgers

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    Well not now anyway. In year 4 from a coach that's paid 5 million dollars per year, he has a 25% win total against TCU.

    The B12 had to happen. The SWC was a dying league, with zero interest outside of the state, as by the mid-90's it only had Texas teams.

    The 4 jettisoned teams of UH, SMU, Rice, and TCU had little to no draw, though TCU was able to right its ship with Patterson and has done well in the B12.
  24. MUCHO

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    I agree it had to die by even the late 80s. SMU death penalty & Arkansas‘s departure pretty much sealed that deal, but what I was saying was that I miss the 80s SWC in comparison to today. And, today’s Big 12 is hardly a great conference and hardly has lots of interest (though it has more states involved). Our best home games every year in the recent past have been the home half of our non-conference game. LSU, Notre Dame, etc. And, it is likely to be that way for the foreseeable future. After that there are steep drop-offs to the second best, third best etc. Something will have to change sooner or later in my opinion.

    Make no mistake — TCU lives to play Texas. (Like Tech, Arkansas, A&M etc.). It’s what gives them their edge. The problem is that our team hasn’t risen to those occasions vs. inferior opponents. We haven’t brought the same intensity, focus, determination and grit. They seem to think that “We’re Texas” and the attitude that goes with that will be enough to win. Herman’s win record against TCU is perhaps the most perplexing / unforgivable to me. TCU has not even been that great of a team in the past 4 years, and they are not trending in the right direction from multiple perspectives.
  25. Joe Fan

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    The SWC was way more fun that the Big 12
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  26. Chop

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    Maryland is leading Minnesota 21-14 early 2nd Q. Gophers lost much of their D to graduation. Terps are repeatedly getting away with some blatant holding. Terps driving at midfield.

    Minnesota DT with an INT on a tipped ball. Minnesota down near the goalline. It’s a score RB around the right end.

    Tied at 21.
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  27. Captain9Dragons

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    pretty good game
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  28. Chop

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    And Maryland has stormed back from a deficit to tie it up at 38 and is now driving. Less than a minute left.
  29. nashhorn

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    Darn, I forgot about the games last night.
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  30. MajesticII

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    OSU is the ONLY hope for the Big 12 to get play-off money and a NYS bowl money. With Covid 19 killing the payroll, OSU wins out with help from refs to finally beat OU. KSU or OU will get the NYS bowl game, and the Big 12 will be happy. Now for OSU to get the nod over ND or Pac 12 champion, they will need those teams to have a loss, but it can happen. SEC, ACC, and Big 10 champs are in unless they have an ugly loss. A 7-0 USC gets in over 10-0 OSU. Trojans are a shiny quarter and OSU is a plugged nickel to the ESPN regime. USC return to relative status is a bigger story line than the Pokes. ND is ND. With that said, I hope I am wrong and OSU gets beat three times and doesn't even make the Big 12 title game. Anybody but OSU.

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