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    Figured I would start a thread that involves other games related to the conference or Texas ties:

    Watching both Iowa State vs South Carolina and OU vs Georgia. Both big 12 teams struggling with their opponents size so far, which is a good sign for the Horns.

    Reminder we get Baylor vs Arkansas later before the Horns game.
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  2. Sincerely hookem

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    ESPN just did a really nice piece about Vic during halftime of the SC vs ISU game
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    Watched the SC/ISU game as well. ISU with an uncharacteristic number of fundamental errors (travels, double dribbles) in the 1st half not including at least 2 walks that weren’t called. They couldn’t hit 3s in the 1st half either (1/11) and went almost 8 minutes from the 1st quarter to the 2nd when they didn’t have a bucket. SC had an incredibly good day from beyond the arc hitting 13/26 attempts.

    Rori came to mind watching SC sophomore point guard Zia Cooke - both are quick, agile defenders who can find a teammate for good shots, hit from deep or create their own off the dribble. Cooke is longer than Rori but I think Rori has better instinct and aggression on the defensive end.
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    Arkansas tempo giving Baylor some trouble. My question about Baylor is who will step up and lead them on the court. You can tell they are missing Cox as the floor general.
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    And also point guard play. It was a turnover and foul fest for Baylor.

    They're missing a solid point guard like Kristy Wallace, Chloe Jackson, and Tea Cooper.

    Perhaps the answer for Baylor at point is Dijonai Carrington.
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    This is amazing. On one hand, kudos to OU for playing with only 6 players. But on the other hand not a good feeling, plowing ahead and making kids play even at the risk of their health - 3 student/athletes playing the entire game.
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    Finally got a chance to watch Bueckers from UCONN play. My goodness! She’s for real!
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  8. Moooooo

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    Texas Tech beats TCU 78-72 despite being down by 16 points in the second quarter. Bad loss for Coach Pebley.
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    Iowa State, who beat Baylor on the road, wins by 1 at home against OU. OU was up 1 with 20 seconds left and the ball but got called for a questionable offensive foul. This conference......just when you think you have it figured out. Lol
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    Watching this Maryland vs Iowa game it really sucks we didn't get Benzan. It's been a while since I have seen someone shoot like she can. She is 5-5 from the 3 point line and the first quarter just ended:cool: she would have been perfect in the big 12 since everyone runs zone. I don't know if Vic decided to move on or it was her choice but you live and learn I guess

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    29 points 10/11 FG. Pretty good day at the office
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    Of course I don't KNOW, but I'd imagine that Benzan may have decided to go in a different direction once the staff she committed to was no longer in place. The COVID pandemic may have contributed also.

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    She ended 9/10 from the three. Between the two teams they scored 32 threes to end the game 111-92. Bonkers.
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