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    This. The NFL needs to enforce their own rule that QB's out of the pocket are considered RB's. Mahomes has a record of turning up field when cornered on the sidelines.
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    Are we trying to be funny? That was no flop. Flopping is the **** Burrow tried to pull earlier.
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    I'd agree if he wasn't completely out of bounds when Ossai contacted him.
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    I like Ossai but disagree, he was out of bounds to my eyes.
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    It was a late hit, worthy of a flag. If that had been Quinn Ewers in a game everyone here would have been screaming for a flag. Sometimes you gotta take the Burnt Orange glasses off and deal with reality.
    In Ossai's defense, he was flying, running at full speed. It would have been difficult to avoid contact. The problem here, IMO, is that Ossai didn't let up and try to avoid Mahomes.

    I feel for the kid. I always hate to see a team lose because of a boneheaded play. I'd prefer to see the KC kicker nail a 50-55 yarder and be a hero. Instead we have a goat, and not the good kind.
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  7. HornHuskerDad

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    ^Real bummer for him. He definitely established himself as a good NFL QB - hope he gets the surgery and recovers fully.
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    The issue for Purdy is whether he did enough to surpass Trey Lance in the Niners' QB pecking order. (Purdy is cheap and has 3 more years of his rookie contract); Lance big bucks and a dud so far).
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    Well, he stayed healthy longer...and that seems to be an issue with Lance and Jimmy G. He also seemed to be a relatively grounded young man who managed a game well...
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    No argument with that, but it seems Shanahan has issues keeping his QB's healthy.
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    OK, but he's got to think to himself, "I've been running laterally for a long time. I have to be getting close to the side line and Mahomes is trying to stop the clock by going out of bounds. and look for the sideline. Need to be careful".
    I applaud the effort but you got to use your head also.
  12. Chop

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    Saturday 9/2/2023

    The headliner (Sunday game 6:30 pm): #5 LSU at #8 Florida State. The Tigers have the studs in the trenches and more overall talent. But FSU has lots of quality returning experience and Jordan Travis leading a potent offense. The game is at a neutral (yeah right...) stadium in Orlando, Florida. I'll take FSU in the upset.


    Florida State vs. LSU: How to watch, stream, TV info, game notes, odds

    Texas Tech at Wyoming: Nice opener for McGuire and the Raiders. Wyo has a tendency to surprise at home.

    Texas State at Baylor: One fan base enters the liquor store at the back entrance, the other fan base waltzes right in the front door.

    Colorado at #17 TCU: Sonny out-coaches Deon.

    New Mexico at #23 Texas A&M: cream puff scheduling. UNM doesn't like Aggies.

    La Tech at SMU: Could go either way

    Arkansas State at #20 Oklahoma: OU

    Western Carolina at Arkansas: more vintage SEC non-conference scheduling

    South Alabama at #24 Tulane (tickets as low as $2--no kidding)

    #21 North Carolina at South Carolina: a big ugly grudge match in the Carolinas with a home field advantage in play. Still, Mack's Heels should prevail and lick the Cocks.

    UVA at #12 Tennessee: U Tenn is in a resurgence.

    Utah State at #25 Iowa: Iowa often lays an egg early in the season; probably not this time

    East Carolina at #2 Michigan: Please...

    Mercer at #22 Ole Miss: Ole Miss is another one of those teams that often plays up or down to the level of competition. The Rebels should take this one without much trouble though. Mercer just doesn't have the hosses.

    Portland State at #15 Oregon: Oregon gets the high-flying Duck offense in gear.

    Buffalo at #19 Wisconsin. On Wisconsin! The grandstands will buckle under the weight of the fans at this game...

    Tenn-Martin at #1 Georgia: Give me a break Dawgs... Nice scheduling there.

    Boise St at #10 Washington: possible trap game for these Dogs.

    Nevada at #6 USC: USC looks like USC again.

    Southeast Missouri at #16 Kansas State: Say KSU, we're the ones going to the SEC, not you. So stop scheduling like an SEC team!

    Middle Tenn. at #4 Alabama. :rolleyes:

    #18 Oregon St at San Jose St: Surprised Oregon St is ranked this high...

    #9 Clemson at Duke: Not a gimme game or a cake walk.

    West Virginia at #7 Penn State: Maybe a scrappy WVU team can take down the bad guys on Saturday.

    Tenn State at #13 Notre Dame: Notre Dame is a force now that they have QB Hartman and a potent offense.

    #3 Ohio State at Indiana: Indiana will play tough, but I just don't see them taking down the Bucks in this one.

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  13. Horn6721

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    UNC vs USC? Best summation.
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  14. mchammer

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    Isn’t the LSU game on Sunday or Monday night?
  15. Chop

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    This Sunday night 6:30 pm.
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  16. Pomspoms

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    Deon's team will get crushed this game.
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  17. cnb

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    Looks like our special team under Strong.

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  18. cnb

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  19. Dionysus

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    Can someone translate "lil ah" for me :arrow-up::arrow-up::arrow-up:
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  20. Sangre Naranjada

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    I have no idea, but whatever it was supposed to mean, the Utes made him eat the comment.
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  21. stanhin

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    Here's one guess--but it is just a guess. Utah ends with "ah." It begins with "Ut" but that Ut can't be us (The UT), so it's "lil." Combine that with "ah" and you have "lil ah." That's probably totally wrong but I'm stoned to the gills at the moment on legal Colorado edibles, and that's the best I could come up with in this condition. Gonna be a great weekend. Welcome back, football
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  22. Horn6721

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    Maybe it was a disparaging remark about the "lil" stadium.
    Compared to the Gator's stadium it is "lil"
  23. stanhin

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    That is a much more likely explanation than mine was.
  24. Horn6721

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    Maybe Stan But Your remark sounds like you had fun thinking it up in your heightened legal state
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  25. Statalyzer

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    See guys - teams losing sometimes go for two at the end to end up with 11 points. :p

    Also, I think "ah" is "***, but I don't want to get censored or dropped in the algorithm by tiktok".

    The fact that "lil ah dub" is actually something somebody said and expected to be understood as English is still disconcerting to me.
  26. Dionysus

    Dionysus Idoit Admin

    Yeah but you’re baked so you get a pass
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  27. stanhin

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    On its first drive, Michigan State has a fourth and six. Lines up to go for it. Draws defense (Central Michigan) offside to make it fourth and one. Goes for it and gets stuffed! Central Michigan is driving now. . . . .Central Michigan QB dropped back to pass on fourth and goal from Michigan State 2 but slipped down for a loss. . . . Michigan State ball . . . .
    Central Michigan forces a punt.
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  28. stanhin

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    Louisville up 3-0 early after intercepting GaTech
  29. Horn6721

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    Gatech just scored to go ahead
    But I think the interesting aspect is the commercial with Saban and Sanders
    I do not think Saban would make a commercial with Sanders if Saban thought he was not a legitimate coach.
    I kinda hope Deion nails it at Cu

    Ok nailing it might mean 5 wins. But could anyone else do that?
  30. stanhin

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    GaTech up 14-6 with 9 minutes left in first half.

    . . .

    Louisville scores quickly after drive and PI call in end zone. 14-13 with about 5:50 left in first half.

    GaTech drives and scores again on a 23 yard run over right tackle. 21-13 with 3 minutes left in half. . . .

    GaTech holds and then scores again on about 50 yard tunnel screen. 28-13.
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