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    This. The NFL needs to enforce their own rule that QB's out of the pocket are considered RB's. Mahomes has a record of turning up field when cornered on the sidelines.
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    Are we trying to be funny? That was no flop. Flopping is the **** Burrow tried to pull earlier.
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    I'd agree if he wasn't completely out of bounds when Ossai contacted him.
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    I like Ossai but disagree, he was out of bounds to my eyes.
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    It was a late hit, worthy of a flag. If that had been Quinn Ewers in a game everyone here would have been screaming for a flag. Sometimes you gotta take the Burnt Orange glasses off and deal with reality.
    In Ossai's defense, he was flying, running at full speed. It would have been difficult to avoid contact. The problem here, IMO, is that Ossai didn't let up and try to avoid Mahomes.

    I feel for the kid. I always hate to see a team lose because of a boneheaded play. I'd prefer to see the KC kicker nail a 50-55 yarder and be a hero. Instead we have a goat, and not the good kind.
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  6. stanhin

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  7. HornHuskerDad

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    ^Real bummer for him. He definitely established himself as a good NFL QB - hope he gets the surgery and recovers fully.
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  8. ViperHorn

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    The issue for Purdy is whether he did enough to surpass Trey Lance in the Niners' QB pecking order. (Purdy is cheap and has 3 more years of his rookie contract); Lance big bucks and a dud so far).
  9. mb227

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    Well, he stayed healthy longer...and that seems to be an issue with Lance and Jimmy G. He also seemed to be a relatively grounded young man who managed a game well...
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  10. ViperHorn

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    No argument with that, but it seems Shanahan has issues keeping his QB's healthy.
  11. Pomspoms

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    OK, but he's got to think to himself, "I've been running laterally for a long time. I have to be getting close to the side line and Mahomes is trying to stop the clock by going out of bounds. and look for the sideline. Need to be careful".
    I applaud the effort but you got to use your head also.

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