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    Just watched his highlights. Man, I miss that guy. No disrespect to Brooks.
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    Nfl.com on Bijan's performance today:

    "Bijan Robinson shines as Falcons overcome double-digit fourth-quarter deficit. In the nascent stage of his NFL career, the rookie running back continues to show his difference-making ability. Robinson's combination of burst, strength and cutting ability makes defenders look silly. Robinson generated 172 scrimmage yards, including 124 rushing on 19 totes. He finished with four forced missed tackles on runs and 88 rushing yards after contact. The rookie's versatility was on display late in the game, splitting out wide versus linebacker De'Vondre Campbell on a third-and-3. Robinson got wide open for an easy conversion to milk more time off the clock before the game-winning field goal. He's a force for the 2-0 Falcons"
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  3. Horn6721

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    What Mack's QB did for Washington was remarkable
    I still hate them no matter what they call themselves
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  4. Horn6721

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    I am talking to America here.

    There is an hilarious and priceless vid of the Ref in Seahawks game explaining international grounding call on Geno Smith when Geno tries to complain to Ref.
    Ref says, " I am talking to America here"
    Someone please find it and post it. I can't from phone I am on.
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  6. stanhin

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    To me, one of the prettiest plays in football is when a running back busts one straight up the middle for a long gain untouched. Miami's running back just did that to New England for a TD. I remember many, many years ago, Texas was playing somebody (Washington, maybe?), and the game was not televised where I was, so I was listening on the radio. Earl Campbell was our back. The announcer said, "It is Texas ball on the fifty. Hand-off to Campbell up the middle, . . . touchdown." Earl got from the 50 to the end zone so fast the announcer did not have time to insert any comment.
    . . . by the way, DeShon Elliott is playing safety for Miami.
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  7. Chop

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    Yep. All it takes is a LB to get caught up in the wash--often due to an OL (or two OL on a double team) getting a 2-3 yard surge.
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    Anybody see former Longhorn WR Brendan Schooler block a Miami FG for New England? He lined up near the sideline, and as the playclock ran down, started sprinting towards the middle of the field, parallel to the LOS. The moment the ball was snapped he veered into the backfield and got an easy unimpeded path to destroy the kick.
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  9. stanhin

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  10. Pomspoms

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    just watched Bijan's highlights also.
    It's like just watching him make people miss is poetry in motion. The way he wizzies by would be tacklers with a simple change of direction is amazing. Atlanta fans are blessed.
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  11. MeatHeadHorn

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    Pencil in that OU-Cincinnati game. Cinn blew it this weekend, but they are big and athletic up and front and have some big receivers. Road to test for the dirt burglars before Dallas.
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  12. stanhin

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    Bijan on NFL network now, replay of yesterday's game
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  13. stanhin

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    Steelers get a pick six on a deflected pass on the very first play of the MNF game against Browns.
  14. Chop

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    Conference play is in swing across the nation, making for a good slate of games.

    #6 Ohio State at #9 Notre Dame - the headliner game. The Bucks go into South Bend undefeated. But watch out for Hartman and ND's new-found offense.

    #15 Ole Miss at #13 Alabama - lots of eyes will be watching this one to see just how good Alabama really is this year.

    #19 Colorado at #10 Oregon - potential curb-stomping of the upstart Buffaloes.

    #22 UCLA at #11 Utah - toss a coin. Both are pretty good, though nothing special.

    #20 Miami at Temple - Miami has already proven its ability to beat down mediocre dark-red teams.

    #18 Duke at UConn

    #14 Oregon State at #21 Washington State - the 2 PAC leftovers meet, and they're both ranked!

    Rutgers at #2 Michigan - curb-stomping up North

    #24 Iowa at #7 Penn State - nothing certain about this one.

    Charlotte at #25 Florida - rolls eyes

    #16 OU at Cincinnati - possible trap game.

    Oklahoma State at Iowa State - they can't BOTH lose...

    Texas Tech at WV - Tech ain't bad. WV is a tough place for them to play.

    UCF at KSU

    SMU at TCU - the Iron Skillet. Upstart Ponies take on Dykes' Frogs who are looking to bounce back into relevance.

    Auburn at Texas A&M - a plodding game with lots of mistakes by both teams. Painful to watch. Somebody has to win it, in theory...

    Kentucky at Vanderbilt

    Army at Syracuse - Army could win this one, they probably will

    Maryland at Michigan State - interim coaching at Mich St.

    Minnesota at Northwestern - nobody cares

    Cornell at Yale - the Ezras visit the Elis

    Colgate at Holy Cross - brush your teeth and go to Mass

    La Tech at Nebraska - I think I'm going to root for La Tech in this one

    Arizona at Stanford - the desert dwellers travel to the Atlantic Coast for the big game :yes:

    #5 USC at Ariz State - Trojans keep on rolling. USC appears to be USC again.

    Cal at #8 Washington - Huskies keep notching W after W. Pretty soon, folks will take notice. There could be an epic battle between USC and Washington for PAC supremacy this year.

    Georgia Tech at Wake Forest - ???

    #4 Florida State at Clemson - Clemson is down, but this is a dangerous game for the Noles.

    #17 North Carolina at Pitt - Mack's guys melt the steel curtain

    Miss State at So. Carolina - (talking about the pass rush here) Cocks penetrate Miss St's pocket.

    New Mexico State at Hawai'i - Aggies get their butts whipped by Rainbows.
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  15. Dionysus

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    I think Oregon handles this but what a statement the Buffs could make here with a win in Eugene. I hope the Ducks deliver a fat dose of humility to Coach Me.
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  16. Horn6721

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    I looked up the games tonight. ESPN showed tickets for Wisc /Purdue at $3.00
    Looks like Purdue is mucher popular .

    DS ? did I do that right?
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  17. Giovanni Jones

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    Well of course tOSU/ND will be on at the same time as our game.
  18. WorsterMan

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    Cant view it...
  19. WorsterMan

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    Upset alert!

    Auburn beats aggy in CS in a close game!!!

    There is great sorrow, gnashing of tooth, weeping and misery in the ag nation!
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  20. LonghornDave

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    Virginia giving NC State a game. 14-7 and a big sack.
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  21. LonghornDave

    LonghornDave 1,000+ Posts

    I have a feeling Bama handles Ole Miss.
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  22. LonghornDave

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  23. HornHuskerDad

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    Agree. Saban will have the Tide ready to play. Won't be surprised to see a blowout.
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  24. SabreHorn

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    UVA is a dumb damn football team with piss poor coaching
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  25. HornHuskerDad

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    First Quarter. San Jose State ahead of USAFA, 6-3. Still early.
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  26. LonghornDave

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    Agree I was thinking the same thing. ACC not a football conference. If Clemson doesn't do something FSU can cake walk to the playoffs.
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  27. Horn6721

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    Is that a surprise?
  28. 1sahorn

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    WM strikes again!!!
  29. HornHuskerDad

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    Yes, but it's still early. Falcons were favored by a touchdown or so. Usual mode for Air Force is to run the football, monopolize time of possession, and eventually grind down the opposing defense later in the game.
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  30. HornHuskerDad

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    Now in the 2nd quarter. San Jose up 13-10 on Air Force.
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