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  1. Chop

    Chop 10,000+ Posts

    Well clearly, their coach was a genius during the first half, but he has since turned into a blithering idiot…

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  2. Giovanni Jones

    Giovanni Jones 1,000+ Posts

    The Ducks’ goose is cooked.

    Or maybe not. (yet)

    but I felt compelled to throw that out.
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  3. Giovanni Jones

    Giovanni Jones 1,000+ Posts

    Dang. Oregon = deep-fried goose nuggets
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  4. everette

    everette 100+ Posts

  5. nashhorn

    nashhorn 5,000+ Posts

    Our third opponent next year.
  6. stanhin

    stanhin 5,000+ Posts

    Utah is giving Herbstreit multiple orgasms
  7. nashhorn

    nashhorn 5,000+ Posts

    Had to turn sound off. He’s been drinking - no I don’t know that just that he’s made some asinine comments. Imo of course.
  8. Chop

    Chop 10,000+ Posts

    Utah powers it in again. Oregon is helpless to stop them.

    Lame Ducks.
  9. MajorRules00

    MajorRules00 500+ Posts

    I noticed he and Fowler were a bit chippy at times. First time I've seen that.
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  10. Creek

    Creek 1,000+ Posts

    Ducks ….got shot outta the sky…Thought they’d bring more after getting kicked last week. This team beat Ohio State in Columbus.
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  11. Creek

    Creek 1,000+ Posts

    Will we beat our JV from San Antonio next year?
    Birds up?!
  12. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada 10,000+ Posts

    First bad mistake Herman made was not retaining Traylor.
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  13. ViperHorn

    ViperHorn 10,000+ Posts

    Herman realized very quickly that he would not be the smartest person in the room if Trailer was in the room.
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  14. Chop

    Chop 10,000+ Posts


    Conference Championship game day.

    Baylor v Oklahoma State

    The (former) Mullet looks to wrap up a successful season with a conference championship. 2 good defenses lead these top 2 Big 12 teams this year—we’ve never seen that before. Okla State frequently plays up to, or down to, their opponents’ level. This one could be a real tight game—but don’t look for the scoreboard to light up too brightly. With a win, Oklahoma State should get a playoff spot, but politics (including Notre Dame) are involved. Someone said Cowboys don’t take too kindly to rapists. Go Pokes!

    Michigan vs Iowa

    Iowa reached their peak early in the season, but their tough D will still be a tough nut for MacNamara and Big Blue’s offense to crack. MacNamara is a capable bus driver type QB, and Michigan’s ground game and OL is tough. This could be a real smash em up in the trenches. On the other side of the ball, Hutchinson and that Michigan D front is one of the nation’s best. It would be ashamed to see Michigan make it this far, then stumble. Michigan should punch their playoff ticket today—but they do have a history of choking.

    Georgia vs Alabama

    Saban has the championship experience, but the Dogs have the horses this year. Georgia prevails. Alabama watches the playoffs from home.

    Wake Forest vs Pitt
    Two really good QBs and two good coaches square off for the Atlantic Coast championship. I think Pitt’s more solid overall, and outstanding Pitt QB Pickett will lead the charge for the Panthers. Of course, things don’t always turn out as planned when Pickett leads the charge…. We’ll see some points on the scoreboard in what could be the most entertaining match up of the day.

    Houston vs Cincinnati
    The Cougars look to ruin Cincinnati’s shot at the playoffs. I don’t think that will happen. Fickell and crew punch their first playoff ticket ever.
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  15. Clean

    Clean 5,000+ Posts

    All the good games are later: SEC at 3, B1G at 7. B12 at 11, oh well, better than doing chores I guess.
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  16. old65horn

    old65horn 1,000+ Posts

    not a good fit was because we had a QB named Sam.
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  17. Chop

    Chop 10,000+ Posts

    Pokes with a hard hit / strip and a fumble recovery!

    The Pokes’ uniforms today look like Clemson.
  18. MeatHeadHorn

    MeatHeadHorn 250+ Posts

    Remember when we were up by 3 to 2 scores against both of theses teams?
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  19. Chop

    Chop 10,000+ Posts

    That says to me there is talent there, we’ve just got to get some missing pieces (including a better OL!) and put it all together for a full game. None of this “Second Half Steve” stuff anymore…
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  20. Chop

    Chop 10,000+ Posts

    Looks like Baylor’s giving a bit too much cushion on the Pokes’ WRs.

    And nice catch there by Gray!

    FG Pokes.

  21. Chop

    Chop 10,000+ Posts

    If Aranda was a woman, folks would say he has “RBF.”
  22. MeatHeadHorn

    MeatHeadHorn 250+ Posts

    Gosh, Spencer is a horrible passer
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  23. Chop

    Chop 10,000+ Posts

    If OSU wins, I doubt they’ll go far in the playoffs with that QB at the helm.

    Then again, nobody would mistake Michigan’s MacNamara for Trevor Lawrence.
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  24. Clean

    Clean 5,000+ Posts

    Baylor is killing them. Has Spencer been the QB all season?
  25. Statalyzer

    Statalyzer 10,000+ Posts

    Baylor up 14-3 and driving. Oklahoma State certainly won't deserve the playoffs if they lose to Baylor's backup QB today.
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  26. Clean

    Clean 5,000+ Posts

    What’s up with those Okie uniforms? They look like Georgia! They’re supposed to be the Halloween team - orange and black.
  27. HornHuskerDad

    HornHuskerDad 5,000+ Posts

    Looks like Baylor came to play today.
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  28. Clean

    Clean 5,000+ Posts

    Maybe Blake Shipen will enter the portal! 17 for 17 so far.
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  29. HornHuskerDad

    HornHuskerDad 5,000+ Posts

    Gundy needs to see if he can get his team to wake up in time to play the second half.
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  30. mb227

    mb227 5,000+ Posts

    Two Utes win...

    "Did you say two...yutes?"
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