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    While I didn't like it at first, I'm coming around to liking the UIL OT. Each team gets one possession from the 25. If they are still tied, the subsequent OTs are one play from the three yard line.
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    That sounds exciting. Especially the one play from the 3 yd line part. I just think each team should have the same opportunity to win.
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    The one play each from the 3 makes a lot of sense since it doesn't matter whether you go first or second - your only two options are either score or don't score. The possessions from the 25, where scoring 0, 3, 6, 7, or 8 are all possibilities, gives too big of an advantage to the team that goes second and knows how many points they need.
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  4. Chop

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    Woah there!
    Vandy kicked Hawaii’s butts 63-10. :yikes:

    Da Bows are likely to continue to field crappy teams unless and until either:
    I. They start keeping most of the top home grown talent at home, or
    II. They get a really, really good QB

    #I above gets more and more difficult as the native+”local” population exits the islands and are replaced by the big (and international) $$$ people. It’s a sad story, but what can they do…? :idk:

    (of course, WE are the beneficiaries of a top-level/all-star LB who will be coming to The 40 from Hawaii next year. :D:D :D:bevo::bevo::bevo::beertoast:)
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  6. Sangre Naranjada

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    #50 - Greg Poland, 6'8", 285 from Buffalo.

    Not sure where he learned to wear his pants like that. Maybe his grandpa raised him.
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  7. mb227

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    Clearly expecting rain...or tryouts for an Urkel reboot....
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  8. SabreHorn

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    Hawaii will never be close to good because of lack of facilities (are coaches offices still in portable buildings), recruiting budget (is it still one trip to the mainland).

    Thank you for letting me know Vandy played there yesterday. Teams that go to Hawaii have for 40+ years underperformed the following week.
  9. mchammer

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    Not sure if Hawaii qualifies as Div 1 anymore.
  10. mchammer

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    It looked like a one-piece jumper to me.
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  11. Chop

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    I dunno. Some years, a previously unknown QB will show up and play like an all-American and they’ll take down some big national team(s) and even crack the top 25. Without that, and with the state’s top recruits now going to Oregon, Utah, USC, BYU, etc., they’ve got problems.

    Dangerous for visitors playing there and the visitor’s next week game, as you pointed out.
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    We should start a new thread for this each year rather than trying to resurrect last year's 200 page thread.
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  13. Sangre Naranjada

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    Yes, agreed. Lock this mother down!
  14. Dionysus

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    What would be the benefit of a new thread for the same topic?
  15. Sangre Naranjada

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    What's the benefit of jumping to page 210 to get to a similar conversation about a totally separate season?

    I suppose it is 6 of one, half a dozen of the other. I'd prefer to see each season with a separate thread, but that's just my personal point of view.
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  16. Giovanni Jones

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    OK State hosts the Chippewas of Central Michigan tonight. Cowboys and Indians, all right. (Something to help pass the time until Saturday.)
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  17. Chop

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    Purdue leads Penn State 10-7.

    Mid 2nd Quarter.

    at Purdue.
  18. Chop

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    :wvu: V :pitt:

    WV leads Pitt 17-10 in the Backyard Brawl.

    A Pitt WR just dropped a wide open pass that would have been a TD.

    Slovis is a pretty good QB for Pitt.
  19. Giovanni Jones

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    Looks like a better game than OSU/CMU. The Cowboys are giving the Chips a sound thrashing.
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  20. Chop

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    Ha! And now two Pitt WRs ran into each other on a deep route.
    Pitt has to punt.
    Pitt’s WR room will have a fun film viewing with their coach tomorrow.
  21. Chop

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    The Pokes are certainly lighting up the scoreboard.
  22. Chop

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    Looks like The Mullet is going with shorter hair again this year.

  23. Chop

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    Penn State TD on a rugby scrum sneak. But, Penn State’s QB is hobbling a bit after a hit to his knee a few plays ago (roughing the passer). We’ll see how he does.

    14-10 Penn State Late 2nd Q.
  24. Chop

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    Beautiful fade pattern to the endzone for a WV TD!!!

    Tied up at 24

    Early 4th Q.
  25. Chop

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    Narduzi is not necessarily the best-liked coach in the game…
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  26. Chop

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    Dante Stills will (once again) be a real challenge for us to block…

    He’s putting QB pressure on Slovis and messing stuff up for Pitt.
  27. Chop

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    A big strong RB who breaks tackles in his sleep.

    PK and crew had better bring it on D.

    Better play that old Darrell Royal film on tackling.
  28. Giovanni Jones

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    C’mon WVU! Turned out to be the best game of the evening.
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  29. Chop

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    TD WV on a QB sneak.


    Narduzzi is going ape poop on the ref about something.
  30. Chop

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    Stills with the sack!!!!

    That’s one fast DL

    4 sacks for WV

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