OU agrees to play Ohio State

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by DeadHorse, Jan 15, 2008.

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    Their schedule does not lie. Much respect. We are *******. I had to look up half of the NMSU, ASU, UTEP, FIU crap to figure out who we actually play.
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    Columbus & Norman will be hosting the Jackassery Jorts Convention on the same days as the games. Mere coincidence???

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    While that schedule looks impressive take a closer look.

    I will give you tOSU and Tennessee as being tough but what have those other teams done.
    Miami, FSU, TCU and Cincy are all mediocre at best and Washington and Notre Dame both suck.
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    Befitting long-standing tradition, I predict ou fans will sneak in to Columbus and burn all the couches in town before the game even starts.
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    Uve Von Schammann?
    I was at the game in Columbus and saw him kick that field goal. Talk about breaking your heart. Man, that hurt. Think that was 1976, maybe 1977?
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    I hope Norman and/or Columbus falls into a giant pit during this game and we can rid ourselves of these 2 "institutions".
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    Sorry, but I can't get too excited about a game whose participants are 10 years old right now. [​IMG]
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    Who do you think draws more interest? Texas vs. Notre Dame or Texas vs. Central Florida? I don't give a f**k what their records are, it's about playing big tradition-rich schools.
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    Actually, given our tough Big XII schedule in 2008, I am not all that unhappy about next year's OOC schedule. We will be playing OU, Kansas, Mizzou, and Texas Tech in conference play, and all of those teams stand a good chance of being ranked when we play them. Nice to get a few other easy wins to pad our record.

    But I have to agree, I think it sucks that we don't schedule more quality OOC opponents. Who wants to come to DKR and watch Texas lay a beatdown on the Montana School for the Blind anyway? I would like to see at least one OOC game a year against a marquee opponent. If we're really worried about our chances of winning the game, then schedule someone like Minnesota or Arizona at least. Even playing a bad Big Ten or Pac 10 team is far more interesting than watching a yawner against, say FIU. (No offense intended to any FIU fans out there.)
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    as much as it pains me, i have to give the cousinhumpers some credit--they have stones to schedule the way that they do. i would love to schedule nd, tosu, bama, miami, etc. if we regularly scheduled miami or fsu, it might get us a recruit from fl every now and then. i still want revenge for freezing my butt off at the cotton bowl vs. miami. i wouldn't mind playing tosu often because of the atmosphere it would bring, but i would mind having to head to columbus often.
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    If OU wins, think they'll start shouting "Big 12! Big 12!"?
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    We should schedule teams that are actually ****** but have a reputation among some people as being not ******. That would rock, if we beat them of course.
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    ND will be good very soon. Maybe not great, but the talent they are accumulating will make them solid again.

    Scheduling historically elite programs is good for several reasons. The opposition will likely be good and even if they are having the rare down year, the game will still get plenty of national attention.

    Anyone defending the scheduling of UCF over ND because of results in one season is a moron.

    As long as we have 4 OOC games a year, our OOC schedule should look like this:

    Game 1: Sunbelt patsy - Glorified scrimmage to work out the kinks

    Game 2: Historically elite opposition from BCS conference or ND

    Game 3/4: Legitimate opposition from non-BCS conference (e.g., TCU, BYU, Air Force)

    Game 3/4: Another Sun Belt type patsy to rest players and prepare for conference schedule

    If the OOC schedule drops to 3 games, drop the last patsy.
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    So you'd rather go play at game, and break in UCF's (good season) new stadium, then go to South Bend (bad season) and play the Fighting Irish?

    Do you think the fans, or god forbid, H.S. recruits hold UCF in the same regard as ND is held? Interesting.
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    I stand by the statement.

    Our OOC scheduling during the Mack era has been predicated on securing wins, not challenging the team. Ohio State was set in stone well before Mack arrived.

    I GREATLY respect the approach of USC, tOSU and OU in this regard. Anytime, anywhere, anybody. That is a badass approach that a school like Texas should embrace.
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