OU Cheerleader?

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by Rayug, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Rayug

    Rayug 100+ Posts


    Is that a dude?
  2. LongJohn

    LongJohn 100+ Posts

    No, that's Dee Snyder's kid...from Twisted Sister.
  3. general35

    general35 5,000+ Posts

    that's a man, baby...yeah..
  4. Detective Shilala

    Detective Shilala 2,500+ Posts

    Looks like Bosworth's testicles finally fell off from the all the 'roids.
  5. TexasGolf

    TexasGolf 2,500+ Posts

    saw her...i mean "it" too

  6. BevoJoe

    BevoJoe 10,000+ Posts

  7. runner

    runner 100+ Posts

    That. Is. A. Dude.
  8. muschyD

    muschyD 250+ Posts

  9. Dionysus

    Dionysus Idoit Admin

    Name: Pat C

    Likes: arm wrestling, gravy, emery boards, poppers, trailer hitch ornaments, inner tubes, 40-weight mascara.

    Dislikes: Lavender-scented personal products, quiche, chickens, fluoride.
  10. Clean

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  11. l00p

    l00p 10,000+ Posts

    This probably gave the Ag's ideas on how to have "women" cheer yet keep the gay yell leaders.
  12. Longhorny630

    Longhorny630 1,000+ Posts

    i still can't decide which is better, okie cheerleader or indy fan

  13. blonthang

    blonthang 2,500+ Posts

    I had no idea that CarrotTop was an Indy fan.
  14. WorsterMan

    WorsterMan 10,000+ Posts

    When I read the title to the thread I knew EXACTLY what this was about. I saw "her" on TV Sat. and thought, damn! my eyes are getting bad or did that coed cheerleader look like a man / transvestite?

    Hell, Loopy, Orangeblood or baoklahorn would look better as a women that chick looked! [​IMG]

    TEXnSEATTLE 1,000+ Posts

    I live in Tulsa for the "THREE LONGEST YEARS of my life" in the late 80's....In oklahoma there are quite a few of these "ANITA BYANT-GONE WRONG" ladies running around....

    honestly, the more I look at that pic... [​IMG]

    anybody remember VERA DE MILO???
  16. South Austin

    South Austin 2,500+ Posts

    Moral victory -- our cheerleaders are hotter. I'll take any win I can get at this point.
  17. Hook 'Em Danno

    Hook 'Em Danno 1,000+ Posts

    That's a moral victory that even Aggy can't claim. But, then again, after taking another look at that pic...nope, I think Aggy still loses. [​IMG]
  18. TheGallopinGoose

    TheGallopinGoose 2,500+ Posts

    I was at the game--never saw it on TV.

    I can't believe that is a real shot. It has to be a Photoshop, right? Right?
  19. CalHornGal

    CalHornGal 25+ Posts

    I was at the game....and yes, they showed "her" (??) on the jumbotron just before kickoff. You could hear a collective "whoa - what was that?" from several folks around us. Definitely a dude.
  20. general35

    general35 5,000+ Posts

    i have a feeling it is a practical joke on part of OU cheerleading squad. that is a dude.
  21. OUEngineer

    OUEngineer 500+ Posts

    Yes, this was one of the dudes playing a joke. That said, I'm rarely impressed with the talent our squad has to offer. I still know a girl who was on the dance team circa 2001 and she's pretty hot, but generally speaking, they are a step below a lot of other top teams.
  22. dang-str8

    dang-str8 1,000+ Posts

    Haha... That exaclty what I thought when watching the game... "Damn, they have tranny cheerleaders?"
  23. Bevo5

    Bevo5 1,000+ Posts

    Wow...great joke dude.
  24. Hook 'Em Danno

    Hook 'Em Danno 1,000+ Posts

  25. l00p

    l00p 10,000+ Posts

    W-Man, shoot, they already look better than her as MEN.

    That girl/guy is ugly for either sex.
  26. VYFan

    VYFan 2,500+ Posts

    I happened to be stuck behind the OU band and all marching into the stadium Saturday. They picked a pretty sharp cheerleader to hold up in the air as their mascot as they marched by. Her picture would have definitely changed the direction of this thread.
  27. Clean

    Clean 5,000+ Posts

    These pictures were posted on TexAgs. They make her look more "girlish". I think she really is a chick.


  28. muschyD

    muschyD 250+ Posts

    Seriously, can we end this thread? I don't know how many more times I can throw up. Not to mention the nightmares I'm having.

  29. Whiterock Horn

    Whiterock Horn 1,000+ Posts

    It's finally happened. I'm speechless.
  30. accuratehorn

    accuratehorn 10,000+ Posts

    I spied her at the fair up in Dallas, holla!
    Where you drink cheap beer and eat fried coca-cola,
    c-o-l-a, cola
    She walked up to me and she asked me to cheer
    I asked her her name and in a dark brown voice said Okla-Homa,
    O-k-l-a Homa, o-k-l-a Homa

    Well I'm not the world's most observant guy
    But when she spit her snuff she nearly put out my eye
    Oh my Homa, o-k-l-a Homa
    Well I'm not dumb but I can't understand
    Why she walked like a woman and cheered like a man
    Oh my Homa. o-k-l-a Homa, o-k-l-a Homa.

    Well we drank cheap beer and cheered all night
    Under West End's street lights
    She picked up a rufnek and sat him on her knee
    And said dear boy won't you come home with me
    Well I'm not the world's best liquor holding guy
    But when I looked in her eyes well I almost puked all over Homa
    o-k-l-a Homa o-k-l-a Homa
    Homa la-la-la-la Homa la-la-la-la Homa

    Sorry, Kinks.

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