ou DB has words for stoops brothers

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by bck031, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. bck031

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    How did we know when the Bears were officially dominating? When defensive back Julian Wilson started exchanging heated words with both Bob and Mike Stoops on the sidelines.

  2. Pericles

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    Toss the smart mouth off the team . . . .
  3. l00p

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    That very well might happen to him, Pericles. His big mistake in his transgression was to not hurt somebody physically or have drugs. Do those two things and you won't be tossed off of the Sooners. Hurt somebody real bad or threaten their life with a tool, you are gold.
  4. NBHorn7

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    The DB cusses out Mike and Bob just lets it go on and does nothing to stop him.

    I wonder what coach Strong would do in that situation?

    Fortunately I don't think any of our players would do this, but you could bet the house that if it happened that Strong would not just let it go.
  5. Crockett

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    In a rare defense of the Stoops brothers or OU players, I'll say football is an emotional game. Anybody who has ever been really mad know that there's no good way to resolve this when when disappointment is fresh and hormones are flowing in waves. There has to be discipline on a team, but resolving the issue in the few seconds caught on film is something not even Dr. Phil could handle.
  6. NBHorn7

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    A player never cusses out a coach, I don't care how mad he is.

    You really believe Strong would think, oh it's the heat of the moment and let it go?

    Remember the OU game and Strong grabbing Colbert after he hit the OU punt returner early and him reading him the riot act not once, but twice? What if Colbert had started cussing at Strong. It wouldn't be pretty for Colbert.

    I can only imagine what Coach Royal would have done if a player cussed him out.
  7. georgecostanza

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    Who the heck is Coulter?
  8. Crockett

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    I didn't say it was OK or that there should be no consequences. No doubt Coach Strong would be the kind of guy I would want to handle this situation.
  9. Texas Taps

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    That type of exchange between players and coaches, and between coaches is not uncommon with ou. It happened at last year's Texas/ou game. It wasn't the first time and the Baylor game won't be the last. [​IMG]
  10. Texas Taps

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  11. dillohorn

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    I smiled.
  12. cmtsip

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    Me, too.

  13. VYFan

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    There's a million things he could have been saying that wouldn't all have the same importance. I mean, if he is saying, "we can't compete out there if you coaches can't pull your heads out.." then that's one thing, but if he's saying, "it's all great you coaches want to get young guys playing time, but when you send me in {freshman X} on a third and 8, I can't trust him to stay in his zone. He keeps doing X just like he did in practice, and he shouldn't be out there." Or whatever...anyway, angry words said to people aren't always about those people.
  14. NBHorn7

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    He was throwing F bombs left and right, that's not hard to see. The article referenced the language.

    A head coach does let a player cuss him out or one of his assistants. He went back in the game after that, he should have been benched and suspended at least from the team.
  15. Htown77

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    I agree Coach Strong would not tolerate this but honestly, I would be surprised if any coach or assistant would tolerate this. Apparently the OU staff does? Surely there was some sort of punishment. Maybe not a suspension but extra workouts, etc.
  16. Mesohorny

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    Bad Lip Reading material.
  17. WorsterMan

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    Wow, that shows the anger and frustration on that team. There is serious trouble in soonerland coming off that absolute prison rape they took from Baylor IN NORMAN on Sat. Land Thieves are 6-3 on the season and heading in the wrong direction. Knight may be out for awhile and they have 3 more games, so they could lose more.

    A buddy of mine in Tulsa said the sports network up there is buzzing and going crazy today - the ou fans up there have not been this pissed off at Stoops since John Blake was there. They want his hide, they want him gone!!! [​IMG]
  18. tejas77

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    I was watching the game when that happened and while I don't agree with the way he handled it, the ou DB had a valid point. Stoops was having the ou DBs play off thw Baylor WRs and the QB kept taking what ou was giving him. Stoops didn't change his D and Baylor drove down the field for a TD.
  19. Horn2Run

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    I recall evil Roy cussing our Mikey Stoops back in the day

    It's just the Stoops boys MO....They jump in kids faces. Do that enough times and it comes back at you. Not that big of a deal really - unless it happens multiple times per game week in & week out

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