P. Terry's - Worth Going To?

Discussion in 'Around Austin' started by Perham1, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Perham1

    Perham1 2,500+ Posts

    I'm going to be in the great city of Austin soon and have heard good things about this burger joint.

    Is it a "must visit" place as far as burgers go?
  2. Skipper

    Skipper 100+ Posts

    No. Better burger at Dan's IMO.
  3. Perham1

    Perham1 2,500+ Posts


    LITNIN HORN 1,000+ Posts


    To me, P. Terry's is like Taco Bell. Once in a while I get a craving and have to have it.

    Dan's, Fran's, Mike's Pub...if my heart wouldn't explode, I'd eat at any of those every day.

  5. grinder

    grinder 500+ Posts

    P. Terry's is hit or miss. I suggest The Tavern (Lamar at 12th). For other suggestions, check out The Link.
  6. Austin Orange

    Austin Orange 250+ Posts


    You're welcome.
  7. Texas0407

    Texas0407 500+ Posts

    100% worth it for the chicken burgers. The hamburgers are weak though.
  8. GakFoo

    GakFoo 500+ Posts

    there are at least a dozen burgers in austin that are far superior
  9. TxStHorn

    TxStHorn 1,000+ Posts

    Top Notch on Burnet Road.

    Get the Longhorn Special.

  10. Perham1

    Perham1 2,500+ Posts

    there are at least a dozen burgers in austin that are far superior

    Fair enough.

    Name three.
  11. UTEE

    UTEE 1,000+ Posts

    Forget that, name at least twelve. I'm always up for trying good burger joints.
  12. Horn37

    Horn37 25+ Posts

    Top Notch
    Casino El Camino
    Mike's Pub
    Hat Creek
    The Tavern
    Hill's Cafe
    Your Mom's
    Shady Grove
    Phil's Icehouse
    Nau's Enfield Drug
    Crown & Anchor

    All much better than P. Terry's IMO.
  13. UTEE

    UTEE 1,000+ Posts

    Good list. I've had most of them, and like them all pretty well. I'll give the rest a try.
  14. Skipper

    Skipper 100+ Posts

    Don't forget Hut's.
  15. GakFoo

    GakFoo 500+ Posts

    that's pretty good list above, although i would remove phil's/tavern/hill's because of the terrible buns, and would add billy's on burnet, the frisco, black sheep lodge, houston's, and dirty's (it has slipped but is still miles better than pterry's)
  16. UTEE

    UTEE 1,000+ Posts

    Completely disagree with you on Phil's buns, the jalapeno cheese bun is greatness.

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