Palin gets Fox deal

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by CanaTigers, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. CanaTigers

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    Guess this means President isn't on the agenda.

    Palin to Fox
  2. notreally

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    surprise surprise.
  3. TexasGolf

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    Great move for Fox...ratings will continue to climb

  4. HornBud

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  5. gecko

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    I'd rather see her as a talking head on Fox then running for President.
  6. mcbrett

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    You think they'll show her legs like they do the other female correspondents?

    At least she'll learn the Fox doctrine now..
  7. Perham1

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  8. notreally

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  9. YoLaDu

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    It would have been hard to sign this deal while still governor of Alaska.

    Well played, Baracuda.

    Cha-ching. And you know, good for her. But don't try to convince me she is a serious candidate for higher public office after looking at her career moves since November '08.
  10. bozo_casanova

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    "Fox", indeed
  11. CanaTigers

    CanaTigers 2,500+ Posts

    I haven't heard if the deal requires her to go Blonde or not?
  12. BigWill

    BigWill 2,500+ Posts

    now THIS is a job that she's qualified for.

  13. Wild Bill

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    You have to admit that Fox's female reporters and anchors are easy on the eyes.
  14. RomaVicta

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    Palin is extremely pretty for a national politician. As a FOX on-air personality, she's a little below average. She also has almost nothing interesting to say.

    I guess she can parrot the FOX line as well as anyone else. Smart move for her. Money and no pressure.
  15. notreally

    notreally 1,000+ Posts

    I had 60 minutes recorded from sunday. Did anybody see that?

    They went over the palin decision and some other related items that are included in a new book that covering the election. Her national security knowledge was so lacking, they had to tutor her on American history.

    This is why we fought in WW1. These are the outcomes of that war. This is why we fought in the Korean war. She didn't understand why there was a North or South Korea..... after the tutoring. I mean this lady was the most unqualified person for VPOTUS since george bush (joke of course).

    Even after all that, and after all of the problems the McCain campaign had with her..... the chief strategist still feels they would have done far worse had she not been on the ticket.

    If you all get a chance to watch that 60 minutes it is pretty funny.
  16. YoLaDu

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  17. mcbrett

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    Priceless- almost wanted to start a new thread for this..almost.

  18. Oilfield

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    I was wondering what the Irish bookies thought of Sarah Palin. [​IMG]
  19. matt8209

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    Martha McCallum is very easy on the eyes.
  20. HousHorn09

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  21. RomaVicta

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  22. Oilfield

    Oilfield Guest

    I believe it is pretty clear that the American people no longer care about qualifications.

    I wouldn't hire a entry-level engineer without his/her college transcript, but for POTUS? Who cares as long as he/she looks good and can deliver a speech?
  23. RomaVicta

    RomaVicta 5,000+ Posts

    Wow, you've convinced me that Sarah Palin is actually a very intelligent person who I have underestimated. Good work.
  24. notreally

    notreally 1,000+ Posts

    i'm not saying she is stupid. in fact, she appears to be, at the very least, somewhat shrewd.

    however, the complete ignorance of such matters as WW1 and why there is a North and South Korea is over the line. i know there are no specific guidelines for being POTUS or VPOTUS......

    but i'm thinking here are a few general items that if you don't know, you might not be qualified for the position.

    1. There is a North and South Korea?
    2. There are different types of Muslims (shia, sunny, etc.)
    3. Not all arabs are muslims.
    4. We fought against Germany in WW1.

    you get the drift. these are things every common person should know, but doesn't.... and i really don't care if they do. but damn man, if you are running for POTUS, you cannot be equal to the guys jay leno is interviewing for 'jay walking.'


    and this is not a conservative/liberal issue. mccain was absolutely qualified to be the POTUS. i'm not sure if he would have been a good one, but i am farily confident he can tell me where the UN is located. you know, the little stuff.
  25. mcbrett

    mcbrett 2,500+ Posts

    McCain was absolutely the most qualified GOP to run- he is briliiant, had military experience- everything. He was a moderate and did more than lip speak when trying to be bi-partisan. He was the opposite of a Rush for GOP standards. A walking, class act.

    I'm no Lieberman fan, but I found it interesting the blow back he received when he considered Lieberman as his running mate- and consequently why he went for Hillary's supporters, and some far right wingers with the Palin choice.

    In short, it's amazing that a man of McCain's intelligence and character did little to no vetting of Palin- that was one of the more shocking revelations to me.
  26. YoLaDu

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  27. notreally

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    and for the record..... i know i misspelled sunni.
  28. NBMisha

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    Yesterday my life was filled with rain..
  29. mcbrett

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  30. Hornius Emeritus

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    What "qualifies" a man or woman to be President?

    The reality is that there is no other job like it in the world.

    There are people on the West Mall who are just as likely to be a great president as any politician in Washington, IMO.

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