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    This is a follow on to the Jan 20 post here by @Billy Dale about Pat and Martha Culpepper’s recent tragic fire at their Cleburne home.

    A member of the Culpepper family reached out to me and asked if we could post a GoFundMe link here for those who may be able to help Pat and Martha at this difficult time. I know they will be most grateful for any support.

    Pat Culpepper played for The University of Texas from 1960-62 and graduated from UT with a B.A. degree with honors in history. He coached college football for 12 years as an assistant at Texas (including the 1963 National Championship year), Colorado, Tulane, Baylor, and Memphis State and was head coach at Northern Illinois University from 1976-79. Pat finished his college coaching career in 1980 at Northern Illinois.

    He also spent 16 years as a high school coach in Texas at Midland, Lufkin, Galveston Ball, Westfield and his hometown of Cleburne. He was selected to the Longhorn Hall of Honor in 1991. His commentary appears regularly in the Inside Texas magazine and at

    GoFundMe link:



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    On behalf of my mom and dad, thank you to Inside Texas and the Longhorn family for posting this link. My parents lost everything and the amount of memorabilia that my father lost is more than you can imagine. His 1963 national championship ring, jerseys, helmets, T-Ring, letter jackets, cotton bowl blankets, orange bowl watches, wonderful pictures with Coach Royal, Bear Bryant, Lou Holtz, Bobby Bowden, Mack Brown and many others. The list goes on.

    We appreciate you all reading the post and please continue to say prayers for my parents. If you can spread the word, that is appreciated as well.

    All The Best,

    Johnny Culpepper
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    Ditto. :hookem:
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    Appreciate the support
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