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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by GV Longhorn, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. GV Longhorn

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    What about Pat Narduzzi?

    Old school Xs and Os guy, is competitive, has the right values for recruiting and would carry on Mack's tradition of it being about the kids.

    Watch this video.
    The Link

    It would be fantastic to have Narduzzi added to the list. I watched the Big10 Championship while thawing out from the Baylor game and was impressed.

  2. Branyon

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    Take him and his HC. They would kick butt at Texas.

    Problems are that I doubt they will leave MSU and Dantonio is too "old" for our boy wonder AD.
  3. Htown77

    Htown77 5,000+ Posts

    Fred Akers 2.0
  4. Branyon

    Branyon 500+ Posts

    Dantonio's teams score more points and gain more yards than Fred's later teams (1977 is anomalous due to Earl).

    Also, MSU is much more pass oriented than any Fred team.

    Dantonio's teams have had low turnover rates. For example, 13 this entire season (6 interceptions and 7 fumbles). Fred's 1983 team, loaded with 20 NFL players had 30 turnovers (11 interceptions and 19 fumbles).

    MSU may not be flashy, but they control TOP and protects the ball.

    Defensive statistics are comparable to Fred's better teams.
  5. agssuk

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    I remember Freddy. Every preseason he would come out and say we were gonna pass more. Never happened. But we did play defense and tackle.
  6. Hpslugga

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    Again why are people here so infatuated with pulling offensive mediocrity?
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  7. rickysrun

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  8. GV Longhorn

    GV Longhorn 25+ Posts

    It may be hard to break up the happy family at MSU, but this guy could be the full package and actually make sure that the Horns put a good O on the field.

    A D coordinator does not have to be automatically labeled as Akers part two. Narduzzi has been part of a staff that put a competitive team on the field on both sides of the ball.
  9. jayakris

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    I think I was the first one to throw his name out there, a couple of weeks back here - but nobody said anything, so I thought you all didn't care much for him. But I am myself not convinced enough that he is better than some other safer options there... Don't know him well enough to say for sure, but he is certainly not bad. One of the top coordinators in the country for sure. He is like the coach in waiting (pretty much officially) at MSU, and Dantonio has had health problems and all that which may take him out of coaching a few years down the line, if I remember correctly.

    But in line with HPS' comment, there is the danger of offensive mediocrity with him - though not all defensive coordinators end up having poor offenses once they become HCs. It is too much of a danger these days inn the Big12 though, when a high-powered offense is a necessity - especially in recruiting for the offensive side in Texas.
  10. Branyon

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    So hire him and Chad Morris, Chris Ault or some other offensive genius and we're set.

    Any DC hired as HC knows his teams must score points. Muschamp's problems at Florida are front page news and anyone as smart as Narduzzi will be well aware of the issue.

    Roll the dice on a competent DC with deep experience with a competent HC in a winning program - better than making the "safe" choice of a HC who simply may not be as good of a coach.
  11. jayakris

    jayakris 2,500+ Posts

    ^^^^ It is not as easy as it sounds. There is probably no easy way Pat Narduzzi can get Chad Morris as an OC. There lies the problem. Top OCs may not necessarily come to work under a young unproven HC, even if it is at Texas. The same may apply to hiring Chad Morris as HC, when it comes to a DC. Not that it is impossible to do, but the risk is always there. I guess they can get some idea from the interview, about the kind of people the HC candidate has in mind for coordinators, but who the guy will end up getting to come is a question mark, and once the HC is hired, he has to be allowed to make the call and NOBODY should tell him whom to hire (which is asking for chemistry trouble in the staff and program).

    Finding a guy with an HC resume and the reputation of being able to select and hire top coordinators and recruiters is a little less risky, on this count - even if the upside is better with a Narduzzi or a Morris and their Xs and Os proficiency. But there are still no certainties in anything, in any case. Just the kind of things some of us were worrying about, when there was the chorus call to send Mack out - and why some wanted to give him time till the last straw. In the end it indeed was time and we had no choice, but nonetheless we now face a nervous time about what is up ahead.
  12. Texas Taps

    Texas Taps 5,000+ Posts

    I don't care for the name [​IMG]
  13. GV Longhorn

    GV Longhorn 25+ Posts

    Jayakris, didn't mean to overstep your oriiginal post. I just saw the Broyles award speech and have watched a few MSU games this year and see the potential and the risks with a selection of Narduzzi.

    The point about the coach in waiting is a good one- but he has a young family who will get involved in school activities, sports, friends, etc. and this is the offset to the risk of him leaving to take MSU. And in a few years the powers at MSU would perhaps turn away from him too because he left the MSU family and made it rough on them. Also, try telling your wife and 4 teenage kids (they are still young) that they are moving from Austin to East Lansing once they have become entrenched and involved. Tough. Not knocking the city or the state of Michigan. I was born and raised there- growing up close to Ann Arbor and vacationed on Mackinaw Island this past summer. That said winters can be long...

    If memory serves, it was a few years ago that we were all worried that Mack might leave to go coach where he played football, FSU.

    Money: The Texas program should be able to accomodate. Michigan State recently gave him a contract with an added incentive to stick around that pays an annual salary of $512,500 plus a retention bonus of one month's salary every June 1 he remains defensive coordinator. The deal also calls for Narduzzi to pay the school $250,000 if he leaves for a non-head coach position while Dantonio remains as MSU's head coach.

    Control and chemistry: What HC wouldn't want a fresh start with the opportunity to select all asst. coaches rather than inheriting a program where he might be obliged to hang on to some of the staff who may not complement his management style, which may be different from Dantonio's style. And some of the staff may not particurly like him either. The history of head coach in waiting is mixed at best. Look at the post-Osborne Nebraska with this initial approach by the Cornhuskers before the change in the front office, whcih is always a risk for Narduzzi too.
  14. GV Longhorn

    GV Longhorn 25+ Posts

    Gee, he's not on DMN's short list. What happened? [​IMG]
  15. GV Longhorn

    GV Longhorn 25+ Posts

    An old debate, but Pat Narduzzi would bring lots to the table!
  16. Htown77

    Htown77 5,000+ Posts

    I would welcome Fred Akers 2.0 at this point.
  17. ViperHorn

    ViperHorn 5,000+ Posts

    Where is his Texas ties? We would be letting a coach without Texas ties go after two years. Brown is the only successful Texas coach without Texas ties (ok Royal was from okllahoma, but he knew the lay of the land). Morris should have been hired when Strong was hired; now getting him form SMU is going to cost money. Dykes from California probably is as good as it is going to be at the end of the season.

    If Payton is run out of NOLA, that changes things.
  18. GV Longhorn

    GV Longhorn 25+ Posts

    If we are entertaining a HC change Narduzzi should be at the top of the list.

    We are number 125 out of 128 in total D today! That is 25 below North Texas, which is at 100...

    So I'll take Fred Akers 2.0 because odds are that our O will be on the field more thus giving us more chance to score.

    Here is what Narduzzi has done so far this season...

    "Narduzzi's arrival last winter signaled an eventual turnaround for Pitt's defense. But through four games with the Panthers, the former Michigan State defensive coordinator's fingerprints are already visible. Pitt enters Saturday's home tilt with Virginia ranking fourth nationally in total defense (243.8 yards per game), fourth in rushing defense (71.25 ypg) and fourth in sack efficiency (12.2 percent). It ranked 33rd, 54th and 95th last year in each of those respective categories.
    That sack number has been the most impressive, as Pitt tallied just 19 sacks all of last season. This year, the Panthers have 17. They made 11 stops behind the line of scrimmage against Virginia Tech, holding the Hokies to 9 total rushing yards."
  19. PropositionJoe

    PropositionJoe 2,500+ Posts

    i have the feeling that if strong doesnt get it done, your next guy will have an offensive pedigree.
  20. GV Longhorn

    GV Longhorn 25+ Posts

    Viper, Texas ties are great but good solid coaching will attract talent. What made Brown so sucessful?
  21. ViperHorn

    ViperHorn 5,000+ Posts

    He got all of the Texas talent he wanted.
  22. LtSwtCrude

    LtSwtCrude Guest

    I like the way Strong's time here thus far has presented an open book study of the question(s) "So just what do you want in a head coach? What makes a head coach? Anywhere, but in particular at Texas. Right here, right now."

    I think I did not really know or fully address that until now. I've been told lately, just listening to some ex-players from Royal's earliest years here, that he was extremely tough. It was no foolishness, no funny business. It was extremely competitive. You had to have your 'stuff' together, and you had to be a very tough football player.

    What Royal had that I would look for today is that 'whatever' it takes to gain the respect that when you talked, people listened. And they damn well did what they knew they must do. They did it because of something about you that they simply cannot deny. They know you mean business, and they know you know what you are talking about. They believe you completely. They dare not cross you or disappoint you.

    They're all in. And it's not even a question.

    For reasons I cannot explain, it feels that Charlie Strong has not a lot of that going for him right now. But I think it's what a coach has to have. I think to a man, Saban, Meyer and Belichick have it. No one on their team is going to ever question a damn thing, a player position change, a scheme change, a practice issue, a player acquisition. Nothing. Not a thing. Because they don't dare. In part because they really believe to the core the coach knows damn good and well what is best and how it's going to be. And if there's a question about it, you still don't dare.

    So for me, what I look for is simply being in command. Demonstrating it by never ever tolerating anything less that what has to be done, from assistant coaches, to player personnel, to every detail about the program and season. No compromise. None.

    That's what I would look for.

    I believe when Royal came here he was 34 years old. But he does not look like an unseasoned coach in these pictures taken from his early years here. He looks like a man who is deadly serious and focused and knows exactly what he is doing.

    And the players know it, too.

    This first pic is David McWilliams and Scott Appleton







    :bevo: :hookem:
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  23. GV Longhorn

    GV Longhorn 25+ Posts

    An old debate, but still believe that Pat Narduzzi would bring lots to the table!
  24. Htown77

    Htown77 5,000+ Posts

    Fred Akers 2.0 + Sterlin Gilbert could win a lot of football games.
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  25. ViperHorn

    ViperHorn 5,000+ Posts

    Fair enough.
  26. SabreHorn

    SabreHorn 5,000+ Posts

    Fred was 5-4-1 against Barry, and lost only 1 regular season out of conference game. He also had a winning record against ranked teams of right at 80%. That doesn't look so damn bad right now.
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  27. Htown77

    Htown77 5,000+ Posts

    He also played for two national championships. His bowl record was not great, but at least he did make bowl games.

    I am not joining @IvanDiabloHorn's Fedora campaign (rest easy @Detective Shilala), but among ACC coaches, Fedora would seem to be better than Narduzzi.
  28. blonthang

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    Add me to "stop the shitting on Fred Akers" bandwagon.

    Seems every year Texas was in the MNC discussion, Texas' first Heisman, FLOODED the NFL with talent, start of DBU, 2 MNC games (yeah, lost both, but got us there), one losing season ---- fired.

    Compared to now? Pffffttt.

    P.S. I was in TMS (Texas Memorial Stadium) that chilly, nasty, misty night when DKR's team plodded through a boring, lethargic performance to preserve DKR's legacy of never having a losing season at UT --- 5-5-1.

    Akers came back, after serving and learning under DKR with the likes of David McWilliams and others, threw out the Bone, slimmed Earl down, dotted the "I" with him, started out 44-0, 68-0, 72-15, then with the 2 bluest of chip QBs went up against OU, who promptly ended careers of Mark McBath and Jon Aune, and with a QB the announcers couldn't even find ond the depth charts, Randy McEachern, beat Switzer's high powered Sooners.

    In a couple of weeks Texas was No. 1.

    Akers' teams in later years destroyed Bo Jackson's Auburn teams and pretty much took Texas back to the top of the SWC. For those too young to have been there, watch the ESPN "Pony Excess" to maybe understand how difficult it became when recruits were being paid about $30000 per year to play at SMU, yes, I'm pointing out Craig James and Eric Dickerson, who now laugh in condescending fashion. -- "Yeah, we were the best money could buy". --- Craig James' own words.

    So Akers' recruiting began to slip.

    And ultimately SMU was exposed as the filthiest program one could ever imagine.

    God bless Akers and the joy he gave to me and my fellow Texas fans when they played some real smash mouth football.

    And for the rest, shut the **** up.
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  29. SabreHorn

    SabreHorn 5,000+ Posts


    I thought Ivan joined my Larry Fedora Fan Club. Larry is not my first choice, but I would take him in a heartbeat,
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  30. Htown77

    Htown77 5,000+ Posts

    Obviously the Larry Fedora Fan Club aka the Mad Hatters needs to start organizing.

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