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    Obviously still waiting to see if the Nevada governor pulls the rug out but I am booked for the 18th through 22nd. I know that most of my sportsbook action will just be cashing in tickets that got graded as a push when the various seasons came to a close before the required number of games, but there ARE some options to bet Week 0 and Week 1 for NCAA in addition to some other MLB and NFL stuff.

    When I was out there in bowl season, I know some had expressed interest in getting some action put down, so I thought I would put this up again.

    Most of the trip will be downtown, so this means Circa and William Hill as the two primary books...Fremont may actually be associated with Stations, but I mainly used them in the past for daily parlay sheets.

    If the NCAA decides to follow the Ivy League and cancel everything, then any bets would be refunded but it could be a few months before I was back out to actually cash the ticket in. Anything under a hundred or so, I would just PayPal out of my account and hold the ticket...I know that eventually I was going to get paid LOL!

    As of today, Circa is showing Texas as -28 with an O/U of 58.5 against what was supposed to be the return of Charlie. I didn't see win-total props but that doesn't mean they might not put some out in the next week. Didn't even look at championship or Heisman numbers, but they are posted...

    Sheets for Circa and SouthPoint can be found at if you were into soccer, NASCAR, golf or MMA or anything else that was going on at that time...
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    Short notice, but another trip expected in the next few days...due to fly out Sunday and returning Tuesday. This is mostly a trip to get contest entries in, but may also look at some futures bets.

    I'll be downtown for the trip, so nothing will be placed center-Strip.
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    Good luck boss!

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