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    Obviously still waiting to see if the Nevada governor pulls the rug out but I am booked for the 18th through 22nd. I know that most of my sportsbook action will just be cashing in tickets that got graded as a push when the various seasons came to a close before the required number of games, but there ARE some options to bet Week 0 and Week 1 for NCAA in addition to some other MLB and NFL stuff.

    When I was out there in bowl season, I know some had expressed interest in getting some action put down, so I thought I would put this up again.

    Most of the trip will be downtown, so this means Circa and William Hill as the two primary books...Fremont may actually be associated with Stations, but I mainly used them in the past for daily parlay sheets.

    If the NCAA decides to follow the Ivy League and cancel everything, then any bets would be refunded but it could be a few months before I was back out to actually cash the ticket in. Anything under a hundred or so, I would just PayPal out of my account and hold the ticket...I know that eventually I was going to get paid LOL!

    As of today, Circa is showing Texas as -28 with an O/U of 58.5 against what was supposed to be the return of Charlie. I didn't see win-total props but that doesn't mean they might not put some out in the next week. Didn't even look at championship or Heisman numbers, but they are posted...

    Sheets for Circa and SouthPoint can be found at if you were into soccer, NASCAR, golf or MMA or anything else that was going on at that time...
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  2. mb227

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    Short notice, but another trip expected in the next few days...due to fly out Sunday and returning Tuesday. This is mostly a trip to get contest entries in, but may also look at some futures bets.

    I'll be downtown for the trip, so nothing will be placed center-Strip.
  3. iatrogenic

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    Good luck boss!
  4. Chop

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    I usually pick my Las Vegas hotel based on comfort, attractions, theme, restaurants, and location. I have heard that the Westgate (formerly the Las Vegas Hilton—Elvis frequently performed there) has the best sports book and is the favorite of the serious $ sports gamblers. Any thoughts?
  5. mb227

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    Circa is quickly becoming a favorite...and the Circa LasVegas opens next week (rooms available on December 28th). Right now, other Circa properties include The D as well as Golden Gate (GG is supposed to be staffed 24/7 while The D has kiosks for the off-hours). I like the triple-flat-panel array of televisions in the living room of the suites at The D...side perk of the property being owned by a massive sports betting fan.

    Westgate has previously been a favorite of many for day-of sports activities though.

    The food downtown is also stepping up in quality while often beating the prices found center Strip (and with less accompanying violence). Of my four or five trips this year, most have just involved movement downtown...
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  6. Chop

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    Ah, downtown. I remember playing table games at The Golden Gate in the early 90s. They still had some hand-dealt blackjack and a pretty good shrimp cocktail for 99 cents back then. Lots of very attractive girls for dealers, and they’d hand out comps (and drinks) like candy. I don’t think they had a hotel then, just a place to play. Binions had a good steak house for those who like classic Las Vegas prime rib.
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    Rumor has it that Derek is going to have the famous (infamous) 99 cent shrimp cocktail available at Circa Las Vegas...just putting that out for consideration...

    Oh...and also...
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  8. mb227

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    FYI- I know bowl games are basically falling by the wayside, but I am still contemplating a trip between Xmas and NYE. Tentative plan would be an arrival on the evening of the 25 and a departure on the morning of the 31st.

    This gets me there for Week 16 of the NFL plus whatever bowl games might actually get played in a few weeks.

    If anyone has interest in having some bets put down, let me know...I won't be center Strip, so no MGM/Caesars books. Downtown does give me Circa, Golden Nugget and the Wm Hill book options...Fremont casino may also be part of Stations.
  9. mb227

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    Minor tweak to the flying out on January 1st. Coming home either 4th or 5th. Week 17 of the NFL would also be the end of #CircaSportsMillion. If I can make up one point in the next three weeks, I could actually cash at least one of my entries. At the moment, I am also still live for quarterly payouts.

    That weekend also appears to be the games for the College Football Invitational (because it damned sure is not a playoff involving the top four teams).
  10. Chop

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    No bets for me, thank you.

    It will be interesting to see which casinos go under and don't bounce back as the virus goes away.

    Vulnerable: Planet Hollywood (nice place/good infastructure/great location, but always a big $ loser), The Sahara / SLS (I've always liked this place since my first trip to Vegas; tough location; shrinking 'middle market'), Excalibur (once a cute place, now a real dump), Luxor (this place always gave me the creeps), Stratosphere (the tower will remain, but the casino has always sucked).

    Best of luck.
  11. mb227

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    Reservations for flight and hotel are booked...departing on the 1st and coming home on the 5th.

    I'll be in the office a few days this week, but don't always spend a lot of time online once I hit the road. If there is any interest in getting anything placed or even just coat-tailing on other action, I will do the same as I did last year...PayPal in and (hopefully) out.

    I'm still at the precipice of a cash...could go either way, although a Bills cover tonight would REALLY, REALLY be helpful. The #CircaSportsMillion shapes up to be a lot closer this year between first cash and last cash (50th). The leader tonight COULD be at 53.5 points with 50th being at 48 points. From what I could find in my stuff from last year, that was a seven point gap between 1st and 50th and there were about half as many entries. Roughly 3,150 this even if I miss the cash, it looks like I should be in the top 100, which still ain't too terribly shabby.

    There is no mathematical way for me to win the million, but I could still get to the five-figure payout with the win tonight and a 4-1 or 5-0 week next week. And, while still technically live for Q4 payouts, it would take a serious collapse by many for that to work out...I would be two points shy going into next week (leader for Q4 could be 17-3-0 while I would be at 15-5). That is just too much to make up in one week...

    I do expect to sprinkle some #ChilisMoney on some potential flyers, to be determined as the news comes out across the week. Not sure how much I would be doing with the college bowl games though- the opting out stuff makes it hard to handicap properly...and likely no basketball at either pro or college level.
  12. humahuma

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    Anybody been to Vegas recently? Just want to know what the experience was like. Is it getting back to normal?
  13. mb227

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    I was just out there again a few weeks ago...first trip since early January.

    Vegas is definitely healing, at least from what I saw downtown. Derek's properties (The D, Golden Gate and Circa) had avoided the plexiglas all along, but it is also gone from most other properties as near as I could tell.

    I did not spend time center-Strip since that seems to be where a lot of the California trash is congregating and where you have to trip over the homeless people setting up their bedspace against pillars of the large casinos.

    On this past trip, I mostly stayed inside Circa, but I did wander a little in early morning hours. If you are going soon, you won't need a is a little warm outside ;) For the time I was there, triple digits were often seen by 9AM and it was listed as getting upwards of 115 in the afternoons...

    Watch out for cabs from the airport though...long-hauling is back in fashion. I had one ignore my directions and tried to take me the tunnel route. He shut the meter off when I called him on it and threatened to have someone from the Taxi Authority meet us at Circa...
  14. humahuma

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    Good to hear Vegas is healing thanks for the information. I usually stay on the strip but sounds like downtown would be better now. Yeah I had one cab long haul me from the airport, that’s when I switched to Uber.
  15. mb227

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    Most of the cabs do as instructed...and they are all DEATHLY afraid of passengers who will call the Taxi Authority. I've had a couple of complaints that went to a hearing...didn't have to fly back out for them as they will do testimony via phone.

    Sadly, it HAS created a habit of me sending a text to myself with the cab company, number, driver and ID number. This also preserved the approximate date and time of the incident, which the Authority found to be helpful in their investigatory processes.
  16. mb227

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    Quick bump...driving out there starting tonight or tomorrow early AM...few days at Circa and then winding back through the small roads of AZ and NM instead of the direct route on interstate highways. Should be home next Saturday night or sometime on Sunday depending on how many stops I make along the way, which is largely going to be governed by open status in places like the Navajo Nation...

    That being said, I will be checking here again this evening if anyone wants action placed...since I will have a car, I know that I will also be south of the Strip, which means Southpoint for an optional book. I'll be down that direction when I check out the Shelby shop...
  17. SabreHorn

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    If those little backroads have you going through Roy, NM, I'd be interested if that hamburger place (ok, it's a beer joint that sells hamburgers) is still there. Best burger in NM. Roy looks like a set from a Clint Eastwood western - only about 6-7 businesses with wooden sidewalks and a couple of hitching posts.
  18. humahuma

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    I will be in Vegas 8/23-8/26 GF has a conference out there, staying on the strip. Does anyone know if they changed the mask mandates out there?
  19. mb227

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    Spicy is requiring masks to be worn in certain Counties. Unfortunately, at present, Clark is one of them, which is where Vegas is located.

    NOBODY likes them. And, once you get north of Vegas, few actually DID wear them (I had to stop for gas near Mesquite and since the pump wasn't wanting to play nice with American Express, I had to go in for the privilege of paying $4.599 for a few gallons of gas- the clerk wasn't wearing a mask either, despite the clear robbery taking place).

    I had planned on filling up in St. George (UT) and probably could have made it there with what I had, but it was not worth chancing it...I got enough to ensure I could get to St. George and wound up actually filling up just across the border in Arizona for the 'reasonable' price per gallon of $4.359. Regular was $4.059...spreads were not like what we see here.

    On Fremont Street itself, I saw few masks outside. But once you go inside, they are strictly enforced by security. Gaming Commission has apparently threatened some licenses...

    I pretty much stayed inside Circa, which never has had plexiglas. However, I noticed on my quick pass through Golden Nugget that some of theirs had returned. I did not remember it on the June trip...which was maskless.

    On a somewhat related note...I did not see win totals posted at the books I visited and never made it INTO South Point even though I drove past it enroute to SpeedVegas and also the Shelby American shop. However, I took small flyers before I left on Texas for the Big 12 championship at +700 (earlier in the week, it was actually still +850) and a flyer on natty at +3200 (was +4500 earlier in the week).
  20. humahuma

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    Thanks for the update mb.
  21. mb227

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    Bumping this one in case anyone has interests in betting bowl games (or anything else). I am expecting to arrive mid-day on Sunday the 19th and leave to come home on the 25th. I'm driving again, so the departure is sort of fluid...

    In years past, I know some have expressed interest in basically just coat-tailing on some of what I was betting. Funds came in via PayPal and, where possible, were sent back the same way. For those that were in Houston, I am always game for meeting up at Pinkertons or other place with good food and beverage...they fit the bill and are close to the office, which is sort of the double-bonus...

    Beyond the games while I am out there, I also will probably take some parlay flyers on the remaining bowl games and playoffs...those winners wouldn't be collected until the next trip out there (likely somewhere before the Super Bowl but could be sooner if I cash Circa Sports Million III).

    As with recent travels, most of my time is at Circa, but Golden Nugget is across the way and I usually also pulled sheets from Binions (William Hill) and Fremont just in case there were better numbers. Sometimes a half-point DOES make a difference in where i lean...the other thing is that some books have options that don't exist in each book (often differences on parlay or props).
  22. humahuma

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    I will happen to be in Vegas 12/12-15. I can cover some bets.
  23. mb227

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    Stealing my action I see ;)

    Where are you staying while you are out there? Strip or downtown?

    Either way, if you are dealing with cabs, I presume you know to have the Taxi Authority number saved in your phone. I've actually called and had them meet me at my destination before...I hate the ones that long-haul- they give the good ones a bad name. Oh, and if something DOES get to a hearing, they are allowing testimony by telephone (had one of those as well).
  24. humahuma

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    Lol, Staying on the strip Ballys and I usually Uber I had one long ride years ago and I said no more cabs.

    Mainly find it interesting who people bet on . I like UTSA favored against a ranked team. Also UCLA for same reason.
  25. mb227

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    Bowls are hard to bet in advance unless the points are just THAT sweet...even with the small programs, there is so much that can change up to the day of the game. And programs that don't usually go bowling get bit with their share of the disciplinary issues...

    I have not stayed at Ballys but I was disappointed on one of my last treks center-strip that they have done away with the motorized walkways. At least when the escalators don't work, it was just standard Las Vegas lack of maintenance. But both Bellagio and Ballys made decisions to remove the moving walkway.

    If you get the chance, check out the downtown properties that Derek runs...Circa is 21+ and they DO check ID at the door. If you were close by, I would get you an expired room key so you could get into Stadium Swim. The keys don't get swiped, so one from last January would work today...
  26. mb227

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    I'm bumping this to give a little notice...

    Looks like I will fly out on the 4th for contest registrations and then be taking the red-eye back home on Tuesday (6th).

    If anyone has season prop bets they want action put down on at Circa, let me know. With it being a short trip, Circa will likely be the ONLY place I spend time on Labor Day.
  27. mb227

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    Bumping on short notice...driving trip so as not to deal with idiots in the airports, especially as flights get delayed/canceled due to weather or *cough* illness by either pilots or ATC that could cause backlogs nationwide. It takes me longer but I am on MY time and not the airlines time...and if I want to stay an extra day or leave a day early, I can do so...

    Anyhow, I will be logging in tomorrow through the day...if anyone has *ahem* teams or outcomes that they like, let me know via DM and we can coordinate funding. This offer is not limited to Big12 or Texas options...

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