People of Wal-Mart

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  1. Fellow hornfans I give you people of wal-mart. This should keep you entertained for a while.
    People of Wal-Mart [​IMG]

    "I have the same outfit only in red."
  2. HatDaddy

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    The Oklahoma ratio of those pics has to be off the friggin charts.
  3. BigWill

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  4. BigWill

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    do you have any idea what the dealership charges for replacement glass?

  5. l00p

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    What I like about Wal-Mart is that you can help discipline other peoples kids if need be. Kid acts up, smack him.
  6. A. BETTIK

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    What will they think of next? An African American water fountain section?

  7. l00p

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    Is that the pron section in that picture?
  8. beaVo

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    i do a pretty dang good job of stayin out of the wal-marts.

    my list:

    traffic lights
    robin williams
  9. lostman

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    From page 18
  10. jrkhorns21

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    This thread is funny as hell
  11. TigerPride

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