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Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by sblazer, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. sblazer

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    IF it comes down to phelps vs crocker in the 100m butterfly, who will you root for?
    Phelps for the 8 possible gold medals....
    Crocker the UT butterfly master.

    i know many many people are wanting to see Phelps do something that has never, but i really want Crocker to step in there and beat him in this event. badly.

    i like phelps and he's incredible, but 7 golds this olympics is good enough for me. i say Crocker all the way. of course i wont be disappointed if Phelps beats him, but i'm rooting for Crocker.
  2. bevo barry

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    Tough one, but I say Hook 'em Horns, go Crocker!
  3. TexanWolv

    TexanWolv 1,000+ Posts

    Tie for gold.
  4. 2003TexasGrad

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    Phelps is amazing, but I want Crocker to own him in the butterfly. He is the WR holder and no one is talking about him possibly stopping Phelps.

    It seems like Crocker has been inconsistent at times, but he needs to bring his A game.
  5. halsteadfrost

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  6. midtown

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    As much as I like to root for UT and especially UT swimmers. I like the idea of watching what could be the greatest athletic accomplishment in history. Rooting against Phelps is like rooting against Jesse Owens. He's doing the impossible. I think Phelps has Crockers number now. I'm more worried about the 200 IM.
  7. 2003TexasGrad

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    Phelps has definitely had Crockers number in the last year. That said, when Crocker has swam his fastest, hes been the best at that distance. The question is how prepared will Crocker be? If Phelps win, no problem, but Id love to see Crocker beat him.
  8. majorwhiteapples

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    Crocker, I am tired of NBC saying that Phelps' toughest tests are behind him!!

    NBC is horrible and Bob Costas is a tool!!!!!

    I don't like ESPN, ABC is alright, but imagine if they had these games!!!!!
  9. Bayou BengalHorn

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    I still can't understand how Phelps out-touched Crocker in the 2004 race.

    I'm pulling for Crocker but his world record is several years old, and Phelps seems to be peaking.
  10. fore!

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    If Crocker beats Phelps in the 100 fly, then Crocker earns the spot on the 4 x 100 medley relay. Phelps could go free on that relay, but it will be hard to pull Lezak off of the anchor after what he did in the free relay. This could be a difficult decision for the coaching staff if this happens.
  11. Bayou BengalHorn

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  12. notanative

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    Crocker all the way. If Phelps wins, so be it, but you don't have to root against your heart for it to happen.

    Yes, Phelps has an opportunity to do what has not been done before, but he didn't swim the 4x100 and the 4x200 alone - and the Horns were in there doing their part.
  13. Touchdown_Texas

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    Tough one...I like Phelps but I also like Ian, and besides we've got our own Gold-only streak going. It's a win-win for me...Go USA... [​IMG]
  14. Duff_Man

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  15. A-T-X Sal

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    phelps. unstoppable.
  16. eflow24

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    I am a fan of history, but if he does not accomplish it, I want Ian to be the one who stops it. It is a win win situation. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  17. texashorne

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  19. eflow24

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    I agree that Bob Costas is awesome, but the critisizm of the NBC coverage is legit. Why do we have to watch Chinese get their gold medals and hear their national anthem? I guarantee you, Chinese people are not seeing Michael Phelps' ceremonies on their tv's.

    Tonight they showed the medal ceremony for a womens event that no American medaled in. [​IMG]
  20. Owlhorn

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    Don't see the criticism. The coverage is very comprehensive.
  21. TexanWolv

    TexanWolv 1,000+ Posts

    The coverage has been fine. If there was something American oriented I'm sure they would show that instead.

    I'd like to also point out that NBC (Which really means Gaines) did not say Phelps toughest test were behind him...He said the middle two were much easier than the first 3 and he was right. Gaines also went on to say yesterday that the final 3 will be tough for Phelps and it would still be a miracle if he won the 8 golds. I'm sure in his assessment he is including the idea of racing against Crocker.

    I just hope we get to see 3 Longhorns with Phelps once again in the final relay.
  22. hornpharmd

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    Back to OP. This is a tough one. I will cheer either way. Good story if Phelps wins and continues his shot a 8 golds. Good story if UT's Crocker can upset Phelps.....UT pride, plus another American gets the gold.
  23. sblazer

    sblazer 500+ Posts

    well Crocker placed 13th at over a second behind Phelps prelim swim. Ian is gonna be on one of the outside lanes in the semi's. he better get his act together or else he won't even be in the finals. [​IMG]
  24. bevocbs

    bevocbs 250+ Posts

    Crocker, easy. I enjoy watching phelps, but Crocker is a Horn.
  25. eflow24

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  26. FondrenRoad

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  27. RyanUTAustin

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  28. theropods

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    F Phelps, Texas first baby. The record is already held by an American. Go Crocker, Hook 'Em Horns.
  29. 2003TexasGrad

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    Well, Crocker made the final at least. He just looks like hes lost a step, so to speak. That one Eastern European guy looks like he may just beat Phelps however. Unless Crocker can find an edge, I dont think he will ultimately challenge either Phelps or the other dude. We shall see. Hopefully he can still hold on to his WR.
  30. Ramathorn

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    Does everything have to be about the USA?

    And I'm rooting for Crocker.

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