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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by DFW_Horn, Jun 22, 2022.

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    This is a nonsensical scenario I’ve thought about this offseason: Pick 1 WNBA player at their current age to add to the Longhorns roster to play 4 seasons. Who would it be? I constantly come back to Jonquel Jones, A’ja Wilson usually comes in 2nd just ahead of Stewie. A few of my least favorite players are on the Sun roster (Bonner, Alyssa Thomas) but I still watch Sun games just for Joyner and Jones.

    Jones is 6’ 6”, plays tough defense, can handle the ball, runs like a gazelle and a good 3pt shooter. Oh, and she seems to be a genuinely good person.
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    I’d pick Jonquel as well, but I’d take Stewie over Aja I think. Her scoring versatility is one notch better currently as well as ball handling is better

    An aside, I don’t really remember Jonquel’s college days
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    She spent the fall semester of her freshman year at Clemson then transferred to George Washington so that would explain her relatively low profile in college. GW hired her high school coach (and legal guardian in the US) as an assistant but that probably had no impact on her transfer destination. ;)

    Edit: Not casting aspersions about hiring assistants and getting players. It probably helped the Longhorns when another Bahamian player, Lashann Higgs, came to a Texas program with her club coach and legal guardian on staff. His name? George Washington.

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    After her performance in the playoffs and trying to get through this press conference drunk as a fool, I’m changing my answer to A’ja. :beertoast: :lmao:

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    I'll take Jonquel Jones for this team.

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