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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by caryhorn, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. caryhorn

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    Nine games so no .500 records for predictions. The Rankings below came from ESPN.com my picks are:

    1.Oregon over ksu
    2.OU over atm
    3. BU over ucla
    4. Tcu over MSU
    5. WVU over SU
    6. OSU over UT [​IMG]
    7.osu over Purdue
    8. Tulsa over isu
    9.ttu over Minn.

    6-3 as I think conference kicks ***, except for the good guys, UT . our matchup is very tough.

    1. Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: Kansas State vs. Oregon. This was almost the national title game not long ago. I was excited about the prospect then. It'd be a great game. Both teams have lost since, relegating it to the Fiesta Bowl, but it's still a great game, and the best game outside of the BCS National Championship.

    2. AT&T Cotton Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Texas A&M. A great game and great storylines in a great stadium. This isn't Texas-Texas A&M, but it's not far off. Johnny Football will be the third Heisman finalist Oklahoma's gone head-to-head with this season. The other two are 2-0. The old Big 12 buddies can share stories about how much they hate Texas.

    3. Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl: Baylor vs. UCLA. Puntos, puntos, puntos! Baylor put on a show in the Alamo last year, and we may see the same against another great Pac-12 team with a good offense led by Johnathan Franklin and Brett Hundley. You know Baylor will put up points.

    4. Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl: TCU vs. Michigan State. I love some old-fashioned football. Hopefully that admission doesn't hurt my Big 12 street cred. Matthew Tucker and Le'Veon Bell will be fun to watch against two really good defensive lines.

    5. New Era Pinstripe Bowl: West Virginia vs. Syracuse. I'm a sucker for storylines, I admit it. WVU's players from Florida can't be real fired up about this destination, but the Big East rematch and Geno Smith getting a shot to avenge that awful loss from last year has me oddly excited for this ballgame.

    6. Valero Alamo Bowl: Texas vs. Oregon State. The Longhorns seem likely to be an underdog in this game, a matchup of an underachieving squad from the Big 12 and an overachieving bunch from out west in Corvallis.

    7. Heart of Dallas Bowl: Oklahoma State vs. Purdue. Mismatch. Oklahoma State is better than this. The Pokes were knocking on the door of the BCS a couple weeks ago, and didn't play like their usual selves against Baylor. It cost them in the bowl pecking order. Purdue was 0-5 in the Big Ten and 3-5 overall, but rallied for three wins against Big Ten teams with a combined four conference wins this year to qualify for a bowl. The Boilermakers are in hot water.

    8. AutoZone Liberty Bowl: Iowa State vs. Tulsa. You may not know this about me, but I absolutely hate rematches in bowl games, unless the first one was an absolute classic. I assure you, having seen it from start to finish, Iowa State's 38-23 win over Tulsa was no classic. The Golden Hurricane are bringing a C-USA title trophy to this game, though.

    9. Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas: Texas Tech vs. Minnesota. This has got mismatch written all over it, and Minnesota football isn't real pretty to watch. The Golden Gophers went 2-6 in the Big Ten this year. Minnesota ranks fourth in the Big Ten in pass defense, but Ryan Nassib is the best quarterback they've seen this year. Seth Doege is better.
  2. 71grad

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    Fiesta - Oregon
    Cotton - A&M
    Holiday - UCLA
    Buffalo Wild Wings - TCU
    Pinstripe - WVU
    Alamo - OSU
    Heart of Dallas - Ok. St.
    Liberty - ISU
    Meineke - TTU
  3. 22 HORN

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    Ok State
    Mountain Boys
  4. viethorn

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    Fiesta - KSU
    Cotton - OU
    Holiday - Baylor
    Buffalo Wild Wings - TCU
    Pinstripe - WVU
    Alamo - [​IMG]
    Heart of Dallas - Ok. St.
    Liberty - ISU
    Meineke - TTU - TTU may lose here unless KK coaches this game
    Homer picks I guessed [​IMG]
  5. Olehornfan

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    Ok State
  6. envgeo

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    Not sure the order you choose the bowls, but the Alamo is the third bowl that chooses a big12 team (it moved up due to more $$$$ than the previous years).


    ksu, anm, ut, ucla, tcu, wvu, osu, Tulsa (yes the real TU), MU. I think ksu and anm want it more. ttu is going through transition is not good.
  7. l00p

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    Fiesta - Kansas State

    Cotton - Oklahoma (feel dirty and don't mind if ags win)

    Alamo - um, Texas

    Holiday - Baylor

    BW3 - Sparty

    Pinstripe - West Virginia scores for five quarters

    I may as well stop picking as I have Big 12 teams winning the rest with Tech/Gophers as a tough decision but think the Tortillas win. Don't know if it is homerism or my belief there is some good football with great PARROTY in the Big sort of Dozen.
  8. C

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    3. BU
    4. TCU
    5. WVU
    6. UT
    7. OSU
    8. ISU
    9. TTU

    Big 12 homer, I guess. But I really only questioned the KSU, UT, and TCU games.
  9. tejas77

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    Horns over Beavers. Who cares about the rest. [​IMG]
  10. Statalyzer

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    It feels like we got some really favorable matchups.
  11. Seattle4UT

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    Texas A&M
    Oregon St
    Oklahoma St

    I predict a 1-8 record for the Big XII.

  12. WestGAHorn

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    West Vag
    Okie Lite
  13. Bill in Sinton

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    I agree with caryhorn's picks except for 2 games. I think the Aggies will beat Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl but won't be too upset if they don't. The other one is the one I hope I am right on is I think Texas will beat Oregon State. Go Horns!
  14. Lake_Travis_Horn

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    B12 wins all except Liberty, where Tulsa wins the rematch over ISU. Two most doubtful are KSU over Oregon and Texas over Oregon State. I think Big Game Bob finally figures out how to win postseason and Johnny F's hype gets a bit exposed.

  15. Chest Rockwell

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    Fiesta: Oregon
    Cotton: aTm
    Holiday: Baylor
    BW3: Mich State
    Pinstripe: Syracuse
    Alamo: UT
    Heart o Dallas: OK State
    Liberty: Iowa State
    Meinecke: Tx Tech

    Big 12: 5-4
  16. majorwhiteapples

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    Oregon and Sparty and the rest Big XII reps.
  17. tholly

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    KSt, ou, and UT are all playing teams that could easily been either in title game (Ore) or in a BCS game (aggie, OreSt). Each is an especially tough matchup for the B12 entry. I've got to go with Ore, aggie and the Beavers here, but I do think ou may be able to torch and expose the aggie defense that hasn't faced an offense that forces you to cover the entire field (except in practice). That could turn into a B12 45-42 affair. I'll go with the B12 in the other 6 games.
  18. tholly

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    Ore St won at home vs Wisconsin, and won AT UCLA, Ariz, BYU, and Ariz St. Also, came within a whisker of winning at Stanford. The heart breaking loss at Wash probably kept them out of the Top 8 or so nationally. Hard to take Texas with the season we've had, but one can hope
  19. Hu_Fan

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    100p spoke for me. I Agree. Baylor already showing Big12 would make life hell (sorry Bears, no disrespect to your culture) for any other conf top to bottom.
  20. SeaGail

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    Frankly, I'm tired of most bowl games being called ONLY by their corporate sponsor name, which tells me nothing about where it is or its history. Wild Wings Bowl? Really? I don't want to have to search every bowl game to find out where it is and what it used to be called.

    Sorry - a rant I can't hold in any more!

    Gail in WA [​IMG]
  21. Denmark

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    We win them all...I know Baylor already won, and I had picked that one. Have we played anymore. I'm in the States for the Holiday season and the bowls haven't interested me, too long since the season was over. I must be getting too old, sorry. It's been too long since the season ended and there's just no interest.
  22. zzzz

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  23. Seattle4UT

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    My low expectations for the Big XII this bowl season (1-8) has been discredited by Baylor and Tech. Yahoo! [​IMG]
  24. mop

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    yes, we are now no worse than 2-7&#8230;

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